Thursday, 24th August 2017
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For several years now the De La Salle Past Pupils Fraternity (DLSPPF), replacing the very successful Past Pupils Union and incorporation the “49’s” has been keeping the flag flying on behalf of the De La Salle past pupils.

We in Waterford very well remember the activities of the very progressive Past Pupils Union based in Stephen Street, under the kind patronage of the DLS Order, and the many successful organisations, squash, snooker, soccer, GAA and many other pastimes, which were spawned under that committee comprising Ronnie Falconer, Oliver Dempsey, Nicholas Knox, Martin Power, John Walsh and many others who effortlessly gave of their time to ensure the success of that organisation. Nor should the “49’s” committee be forgotten, a body that kept alive the memory of the first day pupils to attend at De La Salle College. Needless to say, these successes would not have been possible without the endless support of the DLS Order. They supported the efforts of the various committees in every way possible and, much more importantly, contributed some excellent advice along the way to ensure the DLS ethos was adhered to.

Sadly, with the overall downturn locally in Waterford the PPU lost it’s relevance, although the spin-off organisations (soccer, GAA etc) continue to prosper, and it was in this context that the PPF was established.

The objects of the PPF were to provide a platform for all past pupils i.e. St. Declan’s School, Stephen Street School, and the College. Through the years many thousands of Waterford people, not to mention the endless stream of boarders that attended the college, have been blessed to obtain an excellent education through the tireless services of the members of the DLS order and the excellent teaching staff. It was intended that the PPF would harness the goodwill of a sizable proportion of these past pupils to provide a forum whereby past pupils could discuss and decide the best manner of dealing with problems that a modern society of students and past pupils need to contend with and, indeed, provide a programme of events that would appeal to members of a past pupils union.

The greatest problem facing the PPF was the best manner to communiate its existence and its intentions to a modern society and, sadly, the present committee did feel that it did not have the necessary communication skills i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Snapagram etc.etc. that are such a prominent part of modern intercommunication. In this context they have called a meeting for March 25th 2017 in The Woodlands Hotel and are encouraging ALL past pupils, but particularly, the more recent past pupils to attend to set up an active committee to encompass any objectives that meeting may propose.

The PPF have already drawn up a proposed “Constitution”, which is available on the DLS webpage, to be approved at such a meeting and it may be appropriate for any person who wishes to attend to take a look at that constitution with a view to any amendments may be necessary. The existing committee are more than willing to step down and take a back seat to allow a younger generation to establish a modern and vibrant organisation dedicated to the ethos of the DLS order in Waterford.

An email address relating to this meeting has been set up on the DLS webpage and any person who is interested in joining this organisation, or, more importantly, becoming a member of the new committee, is encouraged to make contact in order that suitable arrangements can be made to accomodate the meeting.

Many of us have fond memories of our school days and the friends and classmates that we shared the greater part of our time with during those days. This is an ideal opportunity to network with those same friends and classmates and catch up on the developments and progress of the years since.


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