Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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Let's remember the people who have died because of the lack of 24/7.

Let's remember the people who are living every day in fear with compromised hearts because they were denied equity of access to cardiac care and were forced to travel that lonely road to Cork when the cath lab is closed. It could be any one of us next.

The figures in the ACS Report released today don't lie and they are pretty damning and indisputable. They prove without any doubt that UHW absolutely merits a second cath lab and 24/7 cardiac care.

We find it incredible that none of the 19 southeast Oireachtas members seem to have seen this report given how easily a dedicated local reporter could access it. We say this report is no "rumour" there can be no more "if's" or "buts" the report doesn't lie and it proves without any doubt that the numbers stack up.

It is now up to all 19 of our Oireachtas members to ensure 24/7 is delivered immediately. John Halligan should no longer support FG if the service is not delivered immediately. Mary Butler and FF should no longer prop up FG if the service is not delivered immediately. John Deasy can stay where he is and David Cullinane and all the other Oireachtas members have a bit of reading to do today.

You will all recall Simon Harris stated very publicly he always bases his decisions "on expert clinical advice". To him we now say the "expert clinical advice" contained within the ACS Report absolutely refutes the figures in the Herity Report and we are calling on Simon Harris to make an urgent statement setting the Herity Report aside and announce that 24/7 will be implemented at UHW immediately.

To Leo Varadkar as our Taoiseach and a Doctor who took a Hippocratic Oath to "First, Do No Harm" we are calling on him to live up to that Oath and stop the harm that is being done to the people of the southeast in denying us this vital 24/7 service and deliver it immediately.

We demand urgent statements from all of the above. We demand 24/7 now.

Statement from

Hilary O'Neill,

South E ast Patient

Advocacy Group.


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