Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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The terms of reference of the Commission of Investigation into the sexual offences committed by Bill Kenneally have been published by the government. The Commission have been asked to investigate a number of organisations such as the Gardai, the Clergy and the South Eastern Health Board, to determine how much they knew about the allegations against Mr. Kenneally and what they did about them. Outside of the Gardai the Commission will also be asked to investigate how much knowledge Monsignor John Shine, Bill Kenneally's uncle had or any other member of the clergy about the offences being committed by Kenneally.

The same investigation will examine political figures of the time, to ascertain whether the Gardai made contact and disclosed any information and if so, if that information was acted upon. The Commission whose terms of reference was signed off by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will also investigate whether or not the Gardai contacted the South Eastern Health Board or Basketball Ireland in relation to allegations made against Bill Kenneally, and if not why not. If they did the Commission will investigate whether or not those organisations took any action upon receipt of this information.

One of the victims of Kenneally, Colin Power said that the "victims were pleased with the latest draft of the terms of reference." The Commission of Investigation will commence in September.


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