Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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We are delighted to announce a series of weekly PARKINSON'S TAlK'S starting Tuesday 7th August in Carraighpherish Library, Grace Dieu, Waterford.   These talks will be every Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm from 7th August to 11th September and will range in a selection of speakers that have a particular interest or relevance to Parkinson's.  The talks start at 2pm sharp with introduction by Irene Treacy, course creator of Helping People with Parkinson's and the speaker talks for one hour with 15 minutes for questions and answers.  Afterwards we have a smovey session which is specific exercises for people with Parkinson's and is having fantastic positive effect on clients using smovey.  

The class will finish at 4pm with optional extra time for people to stay on and have a cup of tea or coffee until 4.45pm.   We find that most people will stay behind for a chat and social interaction which is scientifically proven to help create BDNF, which is like "miracle grow for the brain" and extremely important for people with Parkinson's. The 1st Parkinson's Talk will be by Tracy Boland, well known and loved Yoga Teacher in Waterford practicing yoga for the past 23 years and now teaching Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga. Tracy is also qualified in Reiki and Reflexology   "For me becoming a yoga teacher has brought all of the other therapies I do together"  Tracy specialises in yoga for people with disabilities and finds that Yoga has a profound effect on maintaining good mental, physical and emotional health for everyone.

" From my training throughout the years, I have developed meditation classes that help people who feel that maybe they are not ready yet for the physical aspect of yoga so we work on the spiritual and emotional aspects until they may feel ready.   "I am really interested in energy work and quantum physics. I find a lot of information here that I can translate for people who may not have yet an understanding of how energy works"

If you're interested in attending come along on Tuesday 7th August, Carraighpherish Library 2pm to 4pm.  Cost is €15 per talk or €50 for 5 sessions.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information or bookings.  Bookings are essential.  Please see full schedule for all events on 


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