Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Labour Local area rep Brendan Byrne has welcomed the publication by the Labour Party of radical new proposals for Ireland that would deliver affordable housing for all, including a commitment to build 80,000 homes over 5 years and bring in a new deal for renters.

Speaking about the plan Labour Area Rep said: "The policies driven by FG and FF have not worked, and the private housing market has failed to deliver enough homes. The only way to build enough affordable housing for the people of Waterford City snd County is through State-led action.

"Our proposal for a National Housing Development Bank, with Housing Executives based in local government, shows how this can be delivered. Labour would commit €16 billion for the development of 80,000 units over five years, estimating an average cost of €200,000 per home, built on the hundreds of acres of publicly owned land across the country.

"It is a major policy change to put real housing development back into local councils, but it can be done and it is the norm across most of Europe.

"Everyone should be able to afford a safe, secure home, regardless of income. For some, this means private rentals. For others, it is aspiring to own their home. It is time for the state to intervene and provide quality, affordable homes in areas with job opportunities, access to public services and community facilities. .

"We would also introduce a new deal for the rental sector so that people have security of tenure. Alongside this we want a rent to buy scheme, and measures to encourage the use of long term leases. We will also support single property landlords.

"Part of our plan lays out how master plans will be agreed with local communities and delivered by housing executives who would map out the local services and amenities needed to deliver not just houses but community development.

"Over two years into this government, rents are at records highs, house prices continue to rise well above income growth, and new supply remains too low. Despite this, they continue to pursue policies that have clearly failed.


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