Thursday, 20th September 2018
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This week local Fianna Fail Councillor Eamon Quinlan called on the Council to amend its infrastructural plans for the as of now, incomplete section of Greenway entering into Waterford City to divert into Mary street and O'Connell street to revitalise quieter sections of the City and produce a constant stream of tourists into the Cultural Quarter.

Speaking on this Councillor Quinlan said "It's no secret that Waterford City has yet to see the full benefits of the Greenway as most users start in either in Bilberry or at the WIT sports campus.

"Placing this location on the 'trail' will help bring new faces regularly to the cultural, food, leisure on offer to avoid stagnation. The plan would involve the option of cyclists dismounting to cross Rice bridge and continue on the Waterfront if they so choose but also be offered through signage the ability to enter Mary street to view the old iron gates of the brewery, similar to the Guinness Storehouse and proceed to cross into O'Connell street, Red Square and finally down Barronstrand street to cross the proposed pedestrian bridge. This would then allow Greenway users to link into the proposed Greenway from Waterford City up to Enniscorthy which is currently under planning review by Kilkenny and Wexford County Councils.

"The number of businesses and community groups that would receive a bounce out of this proposal cannot be understated. It would bring attention to older, iconic parts of the City and for drivers, hopefully reduce the flow at the base of Rice Bridge which could very well be a traffic management headache if not handled correctly," said Cllr Quinlan.

The Council is to seek national funding for the as yet, incomplete section of the Greenway entering the City and formal plans will have to be drawn up and submitted.


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