Friday, 17th August 2018
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NOW is the time to work together and voice our collective opinion, according to Cllr Eddie Mulligan. He is calling on ALL the people, across Waterford and the wider South Eastern region, to use their keyboard, on the matter of the National Review of Specialist Cardiac Services.

In December 2017 Cllr Mulligan advocated, in the aftermath of the Herity Report debacle, that the only way to access adequate 24/7 cardiac services for UHW and the SE region was through a National Review.

He stated that, "Unfortunately, I do think that this National Review is the only documented evidence that will overrule the Herity Report, in the mind of Minister Harris and his departmental colleagues.

"I welcome Professor Nolan’s appointment, however, I feel it is disproportionate that only two of the fifteen other members of the Steering Committee are patients. There should be, at minimal, a patient from every region across the South East. Waterford should be providing both a patient and a clinician, as they can contribute to the process with their unique experiences." Now that the Review process is underway and in the absence of any local representation, Cllr Mulligan is calling for a mass Internet mobilisation to ensure the voices and opinions of the 500,000 people across Waterford and the SE are heard, acknowledged and recognised. "We ALL have one final opportunity to make a real difference and contribute to the Review. Everyone, of adult age, can make a submission, via a very simple Internet questionnaire. This is perhaps our last chance saloon, in terms of getting some significant weight behind the positive arguments for 24/7 cardio care here in UHW. Mass positive protest worked for the retention of the Irish Coast Guard helicopter station, at Waterford Airport. More recently the 19,000 public submissions, from the people across Kilkenny, stopped the boundary extension to Waterford City. This was despite the Committee recommending, to the Minister, that this should go ahead. There precedent has been set.

We need to embrace the very substantive possibility that if every family in the SE, made an online submission for 24/7 cardio care, with focused political support, we will get the positive outcome we all so desperately need. Whatever you do don’t just sit and do nothing. Come 1pm on the 17th August, if you have not made an online submission it will be too late! If the outcome of the Review is negative, in terms of 24/7, you’ll be kicking yourself for not making the time to contribute. Make a difference and make that difference NOW! Your voice is important to the process, so heed my call to submit your answers to the Review questionnaire. In the absence of the pen being mightier than the sword, in this situation, let your fingers do the talking."


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