Thursday, 20th September 2018
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It’s a landslide YES!

The Waterford electorate gave an emphatic YES to the 8th Amendment Referendum on Friday last with 69.4% voting Yes and 30.6% voting No.

The turnout was 64.3% with 53,312valid votes and 123 spoiled votes.

In the end the at times fraught campaign in Waterford as in other areas of the country was a quiet affair with the result quickly apparent as the votes were counted in the WIT Hall.

There was a representative turnout of all the political parties and political activists on both sides of the campaign.

However, at around 10 a.m. it was clearly evident that the Yes campaigners were on course for a resounding victory.

Local Minister of State John Halligan T.D. has praised the ‘army of unsung, everyday heroes’ who, he said, were hugely instrumental in securing a Yes vote for Waterford in the referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

Speaking after Waterford returned a 69.4% Yes vote in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment, Minister Halligan said the local campaign was grounded in dignity and courage, not least because of the many women who were willing to share their lived experience of abortion with voters.

"The work done by onthe-ground campaigners in Waterford was quite phenomenal. Their dedication and hard work opened the minds of so many hitherto No voters and ensured women in Ireland have a future where they can make choices over their own bodies and reproductive healthcare lawfully in their own country.” Minister Halligan paid particular tribute to Tramorebased

Terminations for Medical easons (TFMR) representative Claire Cullen DelSol who, he said, moved people to tears as she shared her own deeply personal and heartbreaking story of a fatal foetal pregnancy.

"Powerful stories like Claire’s clearly struck a deep chord with Waterford voters and completely altered the outlook of many who, back in 1983 when the Eighth was inserted into the Constitution, would never have contemplated repealing it.”

Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane has called on the government to bring forward, without delay, the necessary legislation on abortion following the overwhelming decision of the people to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

Deputy Cullinane also called on all Waterford Oireachtas members to support the speedy passage of legislation through the Dáil.

Speaking from Waterford Teachta Cullinane said; "The imperative now is to act on the instruction of the people. The result was so overwhelmingly definitive that I’ve no doubt that the government has received that message.

"The strong Yes from Waterford was a clear message from the people to the politicians - deliver for women and deliver now.

"The imperative comes from the fact the women’s health has to be protected. Pregnancy by its very definition is time sensitive. For every week and every month that we fail to enact the legislative framework, we are putting women in the way of danger.

"It’s vital that we act and we act speedily. We have a history of foot-dragging on this issue because it’s considered to be a sensitive and difficult issue. I acknowledge that it is.

"However, if the referendum is to mean anything for legislators, and for the political system, is that the days of delay are over and the time for action is now. There is an imperative to legislate and I want to see that done as quickly as possible.

A number of representatives from the Together for Yes Campaign, including People

Before Profit, Sinn Fein and John Halligans organisation and others, laid red roses at the Dr.Noel Browne memorial in Bath St. Waterford, following the declaration of the Referendum result at WIT.

The gesture was in honour and remembrance of Noel Browne’s efforts to insure the state provided proper health care and reproductive rights for all women seventy years ago.


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