Saturday, 26th May 2018
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Bernie Keating Tramore ICA president presenting the ‘History of our Town’ quilt for display at Tramore Library

Tramore I.C.A. Notes

We are extremely pleased that our current President Bernie Keating has agreed to stay on until the summer break. The committee and guild members showed their appreciation for last year’s commitment by presenting Bernie with a beautiful Camellia!

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 9 May at 8pm in Tramore House. Paul Brent, our local historian, will be telling us ‘Tales of Tramore’ so should be a very interesting evening, do try and join us, don’t forget there’s always tea and scones for supper!

We are very lucky and thrilled that the library agreed to hang our ‘History of our Town’ quilt, which many of you put together, and is on display at last!, they also hosted the ‘unveiling’ and Bernie Keating read the history of the various squares which will be framed for all to see and read. Thank you very much indeed to all involved in this historic occasion.

Why not join us in our fitness regime with Peter Jones of Waterford Sports Partnership/ Go for Life, on Mondays at the GAA from 2 till 3pm. We still attend Aerobics at Splashworld, and if there is enough interest the bowling will re-start at Williamstown, also pitch and putt here in Tramore. There are many activities available in Tramore and we are always pleased to hear of any new ones happening so please let us know! Do join us to learn or share new skills, and have some fun as well!

So if you are looking to make new friends why not come along to our meetings? You will receive a warm and friendly welcome, join us for a cup of tea and a chat, there are outings to places of interest, shopping at the outlet villages, a variety of crafts, fun activities, also social evenings. You may have skills, and new ideas that can be passed on to others. We really look forward to seeing you.


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