Tuesday, 24th April 2018
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Victoria Wilmott (pictured with Anthyony Phelan, Chairman) warmly greeted the Connect Effect group on Wednesday morning and informed them about the Waterford Area Partnership (WAP) supports Victoria Wilmott is a Business Mentor at Waterford Area Partnership since 2010 and has been on the committee of Waterford Micro Business Network (MBN) since 2008. Waterford MBN was established in 2005 to assist people who set up their own business. The network meets on a monthly basis in Waterford City and the events are an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to discuss a wide range of business topics, such as marketing, insurance, finance, social media, strategy, etc. Victoria who was self-employed for a number of years has a strong desire to help others to grow and develop their businesses by sharing her expertise, knowledge and experience and by providing advice, guidance, and her know-how, together with on-going support and encouragement. She firmly believes in the power of networking and building strong connections with others in business to achieve success and foster growth, which is the basis of Connect Effect. Connect Effect meets at the Waterford Crystal Leisure Centre, Cork Road, every Wednesday morning at 8 am. Guests and new members are welcome.


Letters to the Editor


    Religious ToleranceAt a public meeting last week to discuss the plans for a new mosque in Kilkenny, it seemed that out of the crowd of approximately 200 that attended, the overwhelming majority were against the idea. While it was reported that most people were against the addition of the mosque to Kilkenny life due to logistical reasons, it was also reported, and quite prominently, that there were more than a few people who were vocally opposed to the whole idea of a any sort of mosque being built on rel …

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