Thursday, 20th September 2018
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Green Party calls for Market Yard to be returned to life under proposed Tramore Redevelopment

The Green Party in Waterford has welcomed plans for the redevelopment of Tramore town centre, but has identified areas for improvement before the project gets the green light. In a detailed submission to Waterford City and Council’s Consultation Process under Part 8 requirements, Tramore resident and Green Party local chairperson, Marc Ó Cathasaigh, has highlighted both strengths and omissions in the current plans.

'While we share some of the concerns of residents and businesses affected by the proposed redevelopment, plans to improve the public realm in the town centre should be welcomed. Our specific concerns relate to increased traffic flows along Market St. and the Square, and how this can be managed for the safety of all road users and residents alike.’

As well as identifying the difficulty for delivery vehicles being forced to turn right from Main St. to Market St., Mr. Ó Cathasaigh has questioned whether current on-street parking arrangements will need to be rethought.

"Increased vehicle traffic in this part of the town will require upgraded footpaths to safely move people down to the newly pedestrianized area. With increased pressure on road space, it’s hard to see how on-street parking will be accommodated. This will need to be discussed with residents of Market St. and Market Lane, and not just presented as a done deal."

However, he has particularly identified Market Yard as a space that should be rethought from the current design.

"Market Yard is a rare thing for Tramore town centre – a sheltered, south-facing and, most importantly, level space right at the heart of the town. The name tells of its former use as a market area. To give this space over to provide only 7 parking spaces would be a terrible missed opportunity. Tramore’s Saturday market is increasingly vibrant, but is constrained and very exposed in its current home in the church car park. Creating a permanent home for it in Market Yard would draw custom down into the centre of the town and complement the current redevelopment proposals."

Submissions or observations with respect to Proposed Tramore Town Centre Public Realm Works were to be made to Waterford Council on or before February 19th.


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