Tuesday, 19th June 2018
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Have you ever asked questions of the world around you?

- Have you ever watched the news and thought that doesn’t look right?’

- Have you ever thought to yourself there is more to a subject than may appear on the surface?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then the Open Minds Conference is for you! Last year 150 people gathered for the conference from 9 different counties, from Spain to France, from the UK to afar as the U.S.A., many visiting the ‘Viking City’ for the first time and experiencing all of the beauty of one of Irelands oldest and most historic cities.

If you have been searching for an action-packed event that will broaden your understanding of the world around you and invite you to consider a breath-taking array of new perspectives, look no further than the Open Minds Conference taking place in Dooleys Hotel Waterford from 02-04th March. The conference brings some of the best minds both locally, nationally and internationally to Waterford and aims to look deeper into a multitude of different topics and subjects from ‘Natural Health’ to ‘The Power of The Mind’. 18 speakers will be providing their insight and knowledge, including the inspirational two-time cancer survivor Bernadette Bohan, as well as popular local man Cian Foley who will be discussing his book ‘Don’t Eat For Winter’.

As well the speakers, the event has also some of the best local talent on show, with Musicians Kathryn Boland and Tom Mullane, Yoga Teacher Tracy Boland, The Shamanic Drumming of Eight Oaks (Claire Power and Vispi Shroff) and it all finishes with mediation from John Payne.

Get your tickets here: https://omic2.eventbrite.ie


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