Thursday, 24th May 2018
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The Waterford Greenway was one of the great success stories coming out of 2017, with the 46 km off-road cycling trail attracting rave reviews both at home and abroad. Nearly quarter of a million visitors visited the Greenway since its opening in March, resulting in increased economic activity all along its length. Local cycling campaigner and chairperson of the Waterford Greens, Marc Ó Cathasaigh, believes this success can be built upon by connecting the cycle route back out to the coast at Tramore. “I think the Greenway has the potential to do something the train companies never managed to, and that’s to connect the old Dungarvan to Waterford and Waterford-Tramore trainlines.” And he believes the old Green Road could provide the missing link. “We already have some basic cycle infrastructure from the Carriganore entrance to the Greenway along the Outer Ring Road. The Green Road could tie in with that by the Six Cross Roads roundabout, and link cyclists with the old Tramore line at its far end. This road is now only very lightly used, and could be repurposed to prioritise cyclists at very low cost.”

Green Party Senator, Grace O’Sullivan, believes expanding the Greenway network could make Waterford the cycling capital of Ireland. “In our submission to the Strategy of for the Future Development of Greenways, we looked to the New Zealand model where hubs link together cycling paths. We already have the Greenway to Dungarvan, progress in continuing apace to link that with New Ross, and here we see the possibility of connecting with the coast at Tramore, linking the Blueways into the Greenways network. We need to take advantage of the rise of ‘Slow Tourism’ and to encourage cycle tourists to think of Waterford as a great destination not just for one or two days, but for a week or more, and to show them everything our beautiful county has to offer.”


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