Saturday, 26th May 2018
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Dumping of household waste is now at emidemic level at Scotch Quay according to Cllr Joe Kelly.

Cllr Kelly said ‘as you can see from the photographs the level of dumping at Scotch Quay is out of control. The law abiding residents who live I there are sick of their area being used as a dumping ground. Having spoken to some of them the level frustration felt is obvious and there are a lot of young children who play in the area”.

The area around Scotch Quay is on of the nicest looking in the inner city with building tastefully restored to a very high standard. With the river at full tide and the sun shining it is absolutely beautiful.

Cllr Kelly continued “what kind of impression does this type of dumping give to our tourists who are always walking the area. The Marina Hotel is not 50 metres from this dumping site the impression given to them must be of a ghetto, which is far from the truth. The area is perfect for inner city living and must be protected from this kind of dumping”.

Concluding Cllr Kelly said “I’m calling on Waterford council to take effective measures to identify those responsible and prosecute them to the full. Surveillance cameras should be used to monitor the area so clear evidence is gathered for use in prosecutions. This is the least the residents and businesses in the area deserve.


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