Sunday, 22nd July 2018
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Waterford City is Ireland’s Cleanest City!

Waterford City continues to be the cleanest city in Ireland in the most recent nationwide survey of the Irish Business Against Litter Anti-Litter League. The judges for the IBAL Anti Litter League ranked Waterford 13th out of 40 towns and cities surveyed in 2017, remarking that "Anybody arriving into the city by road would have been greeted by top ranking routes in terms of litter and general presentation. The Train Station was particularly fresh and clean in appearance, but the exterior of the bus station was heavily littered. The People’s Park wasn’t just clear of litter but was freshly presented and maintained and is clearly respected by the users. Many of the city centre streets were in very good order e.g. Hanover Street, O’Connell Street, Barronstrand / Broad Street – they had been attractively laid out, some with seating, sculpture and ornamental trees. "

Commenting on Waterford’s performance, Cllr. Pat Nugent, Mayor of the City and County of Waterford, praised the people of Waterford on achieving the litter free ranking, "Litter has long been a priority for Waterford City Council. Cleanliness is crucial in a city like ours which is so heavily reliant on tourism. This latest survey shows that significant progress has been made in areas highlighted in last year’s report. We commend our council staff and the various voluntary groups and members of the general public who have worked tirelessly to improve our city and its image. However, Waterford’s ability to achieve this litter free status not only reflects well on Waterford City Council, but on the city and indeed the county as a whole.

"This level of cleanliness involves a cohesive effort between Waterford City Council’s staff, local businesses, organisations and residents, all of whom have worked unceasingly to attain this status. Many residential groups carry out regular clean ups in their streets and local area", Cllr. Nugent continued. "Many congratulations to everyone responsible for maintain our city’s litter free status: We look forward to ongoing co-operation from all in the city to retain this status in 2018."

Ballybeg which is Waterford’s second location in the IBAL survey was deemed to be clean to European norms and ranked 27th of 40towns/cities surveyed. The judges noted that "The majority of the residential areas within Ballybeg scored very well - bar one individual corner site at Clonard Park which has suffered long term abuse and neglect. Tesco was exceptionally fresh in appearance and Six Cross Roads Business Park was also top ranking. A site close to the Community Development Project (beside some allotments) has been used as a dumping ground for carpets – huge quantities of carpets were discarded."

Waterford City & County Council’s Director of Services for Environment, Mr. Fergus Galvin welcomed the IBAL results for Waterford and Ballybeg but noted that "a small number of sites did not score well in the survey and are having an adverse impact on our overall ranking. The Council will focus our endeavours on these sites in the coming months with a view to improving our rankings in 2018."


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