Thursday, 26th April 2018
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THE Road Safety Authority (RSA) has warned Waterford motorists to ‘expect the unexpected" as high winds and icy conditions make driving conditions treacherous in parts of the county over the busy Christmas period.

The RSA warning came as temperatures plummeted across the county and nationwide over the past week, heralding high winds and freezing sub-zero conditions.

Christmas is all too often a time of tragedy for families who have lost loves ones in road accidents, and motorists are being urged to doing everything they can to prevent further fatalities over the festive season.

In a statement issued in recent days, the RSA urged all road users to exercise caution over Christmas. It asked all drivers and cyclists to check local weather and traffic conditions and be aware of the conditions before setting out on a trip.

RSA has the following advice for road users when driving in icy and snowy conditions:

- Clear your windows and mirrors before you set out, carry a screen scraper and de-icer;

- Watch out for ‘black ice" – one of winter"s worst hazards;

- Use dipped headlights at all times to ensure you are seen by other motorists;

- Watch out for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists;

- Remove ALL snow from your vehicle before commencing your journey;

- In snow and icy conditions slow down, use all controls delicately and leave extra distance between you and the vehicle in front;

- Do not drive on the tail-lights of the vehicle in front (Target Fixing).

Experts have also warned Waterford motorists to ensure their vehicles are kept in good roadworthy condition to minimise the threat of road accidents locally.

Leading local independent garage this week launched a series of special offers for Waterford motorists over the Christmas period. These include a unique free collection and delivery service and a whole series of Christmas special repair and service offers.

Kevin Downey of said: “Safety first is always the best approach when it comes to driving, particularly over the Christmas period. We urge all local motorists to keep their vehicles in good working order and wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.”

For more information about special Christmas offers, call 051 345 123


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