Sunday, 22nd July 2018
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Patients’ ratings of their experience in University Hospital Waterford

A National Patient Experience survey 2017 has found that overall patients’ ratings of their experience at UHW were slightly below the national average. 79% of patients at

University Hospital Waterford said they had a ‘very good’ or good’ experience compared with 84% nationally.

While the Hospital scored below the national average for each question, patients did report some positive experiences. The survey found that patients in the hospital generally had good experiences of privacy once they had reached a ward and the level of dignity and respect shown to them. They also reported positive experiences of pain management and the standard of cleanliness and hygiene on the wards. Most patients said they had trust and confidence in the hospital staff treating them.

They survey found that 75% of people reported waiting more than six hours to be admitted to a ward, indicating that waiting times in the emergency department requires improvement. Thirteen of these people reported waiting in the emergency department for more than 48 hours in May 2017.

The findings also found a lack of privacy in the emergency department while patients were being examined or treated.

Questions around discharge and aftercare management received some of the lowest scores in the survey. In particular, people felt that they were not informed about the side effects of medication, or the danger signals to watch out for at home. People also reported a lack of printed information about what they should or should not do after leaving hospital. The results indicate t hat communication during the discharge process needs improvement in University Hospital Waterford.

During their time on the ward, people reported negative experiences with the type of food provided in the hospital, as well as difficulties in communicating with staff about their worries and fears. Patients were also dissatisfied with the amount of information they received about their condition or treatment.

The survey took place in May 2017 and 960 people discharged from University Hospital Waterford during the month of May were invited to participate. 482 people completed the survey, achieving an overall response rate of 50%. The majority of respondents (76%) entered the hospital through the emergency department.

The National Patient Experience Survey is a new national survey, asking people for feedback on their recent stay in a public acute hospital. This survey will run on an annual basis and is a partnership between the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health. The survey was developed with the involvement of Patient Focus, a patient advocacy organisation.


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