Saturday, 18th November 2017
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Focus Ireland Waterford warn over rental and housing pressures locally

The soaring cost of rent as seen in the report coupled with a shortage of supply in Waterford City and County is a major concern for local

Focus Ireland Manager David Niblock.

The monthly cost of renting a two bed house in the county has rocketed by a staggering 15.1% in just 12 months, up to an average of €568. In Waterford City the year-on-year percentage rise is 12.7% for a two bed house, giving a rental figure of €638 per month.

Mr. Niblock said: “Our frontline staff here in Waterford are still dealing with people who have become homeless from the rental sector as rents have been hiked up and they can't afford them. There needs to a much wider range of

Government actions taken to keep protect tenants and keep them in their homes."

The rental figures for larger properties locally has also increased. In summary, the average rent per month in the city is now €757 (up 10.2% since 2016), while the county area is only slightly lower at €721 (up 12.8%). Meanwhile, the latest Daft report clearly shows that rents are at a new all-time high, while the number of homes available to rent remains at the lowest levels on record. Mr. Niblock said the situation will not greatly improve without an increase in the number of rental properties available on the market.

The charity said the Government really has to kick-start the building of homes and follow through on delivering a more secure private rented sector if

Ireland is to end the deepening crisis in the rental housing and homelessness areas.

Focus Ireland said it aims to play its own key role in overcoming the crisis- for people who are homeless or at risk- as the charity aims to double its housing stock over the next four years. The charity currently provides homes for over 600 households around the country who were previously homeless or at risk.

Mr. Niblock added: “There were already some serious difficulties for single people and families securing suitable accommodation, and this report underlines the real challenges people face locally.”

Focus Ireland said it believes that homelessness is wrong. The charity said it is determined to challenge homelessness and change lives through its prevention & support services along with its work providing housing. The charity said that it works hard to tackle and prevent homelessness in Waterford in partnership with Waterford City and County Council, Social Services and other bodies.

Focus Ireland first began working in the Waterford area with the official opening of its housing development by President Mary McAleese in 2000 to provide 51 homes in the Grange Cohan area. The charity has a proud and long standing commitment to ensuring its housing developments integrate into the local community. The charity’s services include Advice and Information, long-term and short-term housing, childcare, aftercare and its education service PETE. Focus Ireland now provides nearly 200 homes for families, couples and individuals in the Waterford area.

Focus Ireland said families and people who are in housing difficulties living in the Waterford city area should contact: (086) 4171160 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Those seeking help and advice in the Co.Waterford area should contact Focus Ireland at Advice and Info at Convent Lodge, Mitchell Street Dungarvan, Phone (058)43570 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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