Thursday, 24th May 2018
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Fight the Flab!

I was in a local health store recently and got talking to a couple of ladies there. They asked me if there was anything I could suggest for “unwanted flabby tummy” which they still had despite losing weight. This problem seems to be very prevalent, mainly among the female of the species! In my clinics I have found there to be two main reasons for this condition: Candida, and hormone imbalance.

Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body fed by too much sugar. This overgrowth causes the bloatedness and hinders the digestive process. Solutions are as follows:

- Cut out sugar and sugary foods from your diet

- Cut out foods which contain yeast, ie cakes, biscuits, processed white and brown bread – instead opt for soda, rye or spelt breads (these are also much higher in fibre)

- Try to avoid antibiotics, and use natural medicines to boost the immune system. Antibiotics can kill off friendly bacteria and cause candida.

It’s hard to believe that hormones can create a bloated tummy, but it’s true. There are two homeopathic remedies that can help, depending on your symptoms. Choose the one that most closely matches your situation. If you think both remedies describe you, take both. Take a 30 potency am and pm for two weeks, then take a break for two weeks and watch the changes occur. You may need to repeat the prescription of homeopathic medicine as the blood cells change every 120 days, so repeat monthly for no more than 3 months (two weeks on, two weeks off).

SEPIA is a common housewives’ remedy, where the woman feels as if she never gets a break from the grind of housework, kids, chores etc and never has time for herself. Symptoms include a flabby midline of tummy, and feeling bloated. It may feel like your bladder is weak, especially if you sneeze or cough. You may also feel irritable and indifferent to loved ones on occasions, crave chocolate and have a low sex drive.

PULSATILLA helps to balance the hormones and clean out the lymphatic system (the drainage system in the body). To improve things, try cutting out cheese and dairy products that can clog up the system and trust that your body gets enough calcium from your dark green veg. People in a “Pulsatilla state” say “poor me”, they feel unloved and unappreciated, and feel like they are always taking responsibility for doing everything. This makes them very needy, and they become the nagging housewife, blaming their loved ones all the time. They smile outwardly but seethe inwardly. This builds up resentment that can ultimately affect their hormones, and hence lead to symptoms like PMT, breast tenderness, period problems, and feeling low prior to periods. They crave stodgy foods, cigarettes or alcohol to make them feel better, but of course long term these are of no help.

This article is taken from my book Words of Wisdom for your Health & Happiness which is available in the Book Centre Waterford, online from or by calling 056 7724429. The cost of the book is €15.00.


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