Thursday, 20th September 2018
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Aries - This week is an 8

Professional challenges seem to dissolve, with Capricorn Saturn direct now, and advancement progresses in great strides.

Taurus - This week is a 7

Avoid impulsive distractions. Travels and studies go farther with less effort now that Saturn is direct.

Gemini - This week is an 8

Focus to grow your shared assets. It’s easier to handle money, with Saturn direct. Review legal, insurance and tax matters.

Cancer This week is an 8

Partnership comes easier now that Saturn is direct. Embark on bold new collaborative ventures. Work together for a bigger impact.

Leo - This week is an 8

Your physical labors, services and work flourish now. Discipline with fitness and health goals produces extraordinary results.

Virgo - This week is an 8

Pursue a passion with all your heart. Your game thrives on discipline, with Saturn direct now. Persistence pays off.

Libra - This week is a 7

Home projects surge ahead, with Saturn direct. Elbow grease gets you farther. Disciplined, steady actions get results.

Scorpio - This week is a 8

Communication channels flow with greater velocity and ease, with Saturn direct. Launch campaigns, writing and recording projects.

Sagittarius - This week is an 9

Discipline with money contributes to rising cash flow. You can make solid gains, with Saturn direct. Maintain steady action for increasing income.

Capricorn - This week is a 9

Expand your territory, with Saturn direct in your sign. Consistent focus develops your studies and travels in fascinating directions.

Aquarius - This week is a 7

An emotional barrier dissolves, with Saturn direct. Complete old issues and release excess baggage. Care for antiques and heirlooms.

Pisces - This week is an 8

Watch the road ahead. Teamwork surges ahead, with Saturn direct. Persistent practice takes you to new heights together.


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