Wednesday, 19th September 2018
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Unique pieces for all occasions for fashionable ladies!

LADIES!! You can order your hats/fascinators now for the Tramore races in August or any upcoming special occasions you may have.

Pearl Gem jewellery & millinery has recently opened its doors at 39 Michael Street. Being registered with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, they can custom make a unique piece of gemstone jewellery for you or a special gift for someone. They use the finest quality gemstones & freshwater pearls in their craft as well as a wide choice of sterling silver jewellery.

Bespoke fascinators / hats can now be made to order to match your particular outfit for that special occasion. They look forward to warmly welcoming you.

breda gardner Health Matters

Positive affirmations are a central part of my daily routine. For me, they are as important to my health and positivity as eating wholesome food and drinking sufficient water.

Intention creates experience. That's said, since I was elected as a county councillor four years ago, on occasion I have found it very hard to stay positive. I am an independent councillor, and am delighted and honoured to be able to represent people free of the shackles of party politics. But it can be tough.

As an example, I recently proposed that the number of electoral posters be limited to 150 per candidate. The big parties weren't having any of that, and once again I found myself in a minority in the chamber, even though I remain convinced that the majority of the general public would favour such a limit.

At such times, positive affirmations help me to stay strong. I was reminded of the worth of affirmations when I recently received a call from an elderly person who had come across a copy of an old article I'd written on the topic. That person said that, like me in the council chamber, they sometimes find it hard to be positive, and could I suggest some more affirmations.

People are like the seasons. Sometimes the light shines brightly, as is the case with the glorious summer sunshine at the moment, making us all feel happier and upbeat. But sometimes we all have the darkness inside us too, just like the cold, dark days and nights of winter.

Regardless of the light or darkness, it is up to us to keep shining a light in ourselves, even if the sun is not shining outside. We can create our own inner peace by choosing our thoughts wisely. We can wake up in the morning and choose to smile, or we can choose to have a sulky attitude all day long.

Someone I know who is nearly 60 had a stroke recently and was left paralysed down one side. Thankfully he is starting to recover, and a big part of that is his positive attitude.

A psychiatrist came to see him and asked how he felt about the stroke. Incredibly, the psychiatrist did not believe this person was answering appropriately when he replied: "I am going to get better and I am going to make progress daily."

The psychiatrist said to him "Surely you must be feeling depressed and sad at what has happened to you?" to which the response was "I'm lucky to be alive, and feel blessed that someone was looking out for me. I am so grateful."

So as we go about our daily tasks, trying to do our best, just remember that the first port of call should always be to let the sun shine inside you, regardless of the weather.

I walk and jog every day in nature with our two dogs Sunny and Sylvie. It's much easier to be positive in nature than it is in a stuffy council chamber where the big parties are intent on serving their own interests. So when I am walking our dogs

on the day of a council meeting, I prepare by saying to myself: "I am divinely guided and protected, and I make choices that are beneficial to me and all those around me." This helps me to survive in a sometimes hostile environment


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