Friday, 17th August 2018
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Keneally vcitms to attend Seanad

Speaking ahead of the upcoming Seanad motion on the terms of reference for the commission of investigation into the handling of paedophile Bill Keneally’s abuse case, victims of the convicted abuser said they welcome the motion.

Jason Clancy and Colin Power will be attending the debate in the Seanad this Thursday. Jason Clancy says it’s important to him and Colin to be there in person. "We want to be there to see this public acknowledgement of the seriousness of what happened. The motion is another step in our journey towards full justice. We’ll be sitting in the gallery to witness what we hope will be one more advancement in our quest to see full transparency. Anything that’s highlighting what happened to us and the many many other victims of this man can only be a good thing. This has been a tough journey and there’s a long way to go yet. We know of a shocking number of victims so far, but there are others."

Speaking on the terms of reference, Colin Power said he is confident that the motion will pass. "We fully expect the terms of reference to be passed through the Seanad and Dáil unhindered, with support from all parties and independents. This is such an important matter. We’ve been contacting the offices of various individual politicians and parties. I’d be surprised if there was anyone who would not lend their full backing on this."

Jason Clancy has welcomed the support of the Government in framing the terms of reference. Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, he says, has been particularly helpful. "Charlie Flanagan listened to us. But not only did he listen, he took action. "We’ve had a lot of lip service and denial in the past. "Nothing changes without movement and action though. Nothing can undo the past. "Nothing can take away the depth of pain that has stayed with us throughout our lives. Maybe this is an example of a country starting to mature and move forward into a more open and transparent future, where children will be safeguarded, where the state will do everything in its power to ensure that perpetrators will be punished for their heinous crimes."


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