Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Aries- This week is an 8

Talk with your partner. Discuss options and priorities, and take action. Invest in efficiency. Avoid stepping on another’s sensitivities.

Taurus- This week is a 7

Discuss your physical performance with your coach, doctor or colleague. Stretch and practice to refine your moves. Stay flexible.

Gemini- This week is a 7

Romance arises in conversation. A visit to a favorite place provides inspiration. Dream a little dream together.

Cancer- This week is an 8

Make domestic decisions carefully. Keep your wits about you. Discuss solutions with family. Ask for what you want.

Leo- This week is an 8

Communication is key. Listen to all considerations. Resolution of a misunderstanding opens up new possibilities.

Virgo- This week is a 9

Creative projects can get profitable. Focus energies on the job at hand, and provide excellence. Avoid distractions. Watch your finances. Harness optimism.

Libra- This week is a 9

Don’t be harsh on yourself. Get out of your head and into action on a personal project. You can get what’s needed. Friends help out.

Scorpio- This week is a 6

Quiet and privacy soothe your spirit. Find a peaceful spot to plan what’s next. Shop carefully; appearances can deceive.

Sagittarius- This week is an 8

Surround yourself with people who love you, and pay attention to their ideas. Share what you’re learning. Connect like-minded friends.

Capricorn- This week is an 8

Focus on what’s in the bag rather than illusive fantasies. Prepare a powerful presentation, and then negotiate a win-win deal.

Aquarius-This week is a 7

An exploration pulls you away from your routines. Stick to reliable routes and destinations. Share your news and views.

Pisces- This week is an 8

Make plans together. Avoid a financial argument by clarifying details. Listen carefully to your partner.


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