Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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With Breda Gardner

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Who is responsible for your health?

The fall out from the cervical smear test scandal continues. I, for one, still find it utterly unconscionable that so many health professionals failed to put women's health and women's lives first. It is almost unbearable to think that these so called professionals consciously decided that their careers and their organisations were more important than women's lives. They made desperately flawed decisions that directly led to people dying. But perhaps we should not be surprised. As we have seen with the lack of 24 x 7 cardiac care in our own region, the bungled management of the health service is directly costing lives. I also wonder what other skeletons the HSE has in its cupboard. How I long for the days when I trained and worked as a nurse 35 years ago. Back then, hospital management was much more localised, and much more sensible. We didn't have patients on trolleys, we didn't have civil servants and politicians in ivory towers making decisions about regions where they never set foot, and woe betide the Matron's wrath if you put your own needs ahead of the patient's! There is another other side to the cervical cancer story that has been lost, however. Just because a woman has received the all clear from a test, it does necessarily mean she is safe. First, we should never forget that no system of checking will ever be 100%. Human errors will always happen, so there is the chance that the diagnosis is wrong (and this is notwithstanding management cover ups). Second, a woman may develop the cancer in the days or weeks right after her test, meaning again that she may get the all clear when the opposite is true. Which brings me to my final point. We have symptoms for a reason. They are there to tell us that our bodies are ill or out of balance. I shudder to think that there may be women out there who had some of the symptoms of cervical cancer


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