Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Waterford Today weekly Horoscopes

Aries- This week is a 7

Communications seem energized this month under the Gemini Sun. Balance intellectual with physical work. Exercise keeps your mind sharp. Get the word out.

Taurus- This week is an 8

This month could get especially lucrative. Have fun with friends and family over the next two days.

Gemini- This week is an 8

The Sun in your sign gives you an advantage. With power comes responsibility. Let the results speak.

Cancer- This week is a 6

Complete projects to clear space this month. Check jobs off your lists until mid-June. Take breaks to avoid burnout. Reflect, and consider past and future.

Leo- This week is a 9

Collaborate with your team this month. Provide leadership by playing your part to the best of your ability.

Virgo- This week is an 8

Expand your professional influence this month. Focus on career opportunities. Don't take risks yet.

Libra- This week is a 7

Explore new territory and possibilities this month. Travel beckons, although costs may be higher than expected. Your ability to compromise comes in handy.

Scorpio- This week is an 8

Team projects go well today and tomorrow. Dedicate extra attention to shared financial growth this month.

Sagittarius- This week is an 8

Share your appreciation and gratitude with loved ones. Partnership is key this month. Don't take anyone for granted. Collaboration flowers.

Capricorn- This week is an 8

Your health, fitness and work seem energized. Travels and investigations require sensible shoes.

Aquarius-This week is an 8

Generate romance and passion this month under the Gemini Sun. Your intuition and creativity flower. Express your heart.

Pisces- This week is an 8

Put in extra effort for family and household matters over the next four weeks. Align on what's needed and what to spend with your partner.


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