Friday, 19th January 2018
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Hi, my name is Mary Lyons; I am a Registered Yoga Teacher & Rainbow Kids certified yoga teacher.

My passion is teaching, I have taught from a young age - in 1988 I qualified as an equestrian instructor and in 2005 I completed a higher Diploma in Montessori Teaching.

Developing social skills is a critical component of self-development and is central to the Rainbow Kids Yoga philosophy. Through yoga, children learn valuable verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and become increasingly aware of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all beings; an under-standing that is essential for a healthy social life. Emotional and cognitive skills that we learn in the relaxing environment of a yoga class can serve us greatly when faced with stressful events throughout our lives.

I cannot wait to share the gift of yoga to our new little Yogis. There is no other form of exercise that offers such a wide range of movements.

Yoga for children not only exercises our body, it exercises the mind and strengthens the breath. Children’s yoga has one important benefit which is generally not part of adult yoga; it involves interaction. Children’s yoga fosters not only an awareness of ourselves and our friends, but creates a broader awareness of the world around us.

Children have an inherent capacity for mindful awareness of the present moment, and one of the great benefits of children’s yoga is that it nurtures the child’s capacity to retain this wonderful ability of being completely absorbed in the one thing they are doing now without being burdened or distracted by what happened before or worrying about what might happen in the future.

As a child grows, their personality develops and becomes clearer. Every-one needs exercise, but not everyone is comfortable with the rough nature of hockey, or fast-paced game of soccer. To keep a child active and away from the comfort of the couch, yoga can be presented as an alternative.

Yoga is challenging for the body and forces the participant to focus entirely on their body’s reactions. It requires complete focus on calming the breath during a particularly difficult pose and undivided attention. Children would be gaining the ability to focus as well as the physical benefits that comes from practicing yoga, such as flexibility, toned muscles, and healthy muscles.

Yoga is a Natural Medicine: As children grow, their brains finish forming, and they are susceptible to a variety of illnesses. Yoga has a large amount of benefits reaped when practiced regularly. In short: Yoga is simply great for you!

Kids Yoga with Mary takes place at Anjali Yoga Studio, 4 Tyrone Road, Lismore Park, Waterford from 12th January on Fridays and Saturdays. Contact Mary at 087 3589141 for further information or too book your child’s space.


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