Sunday, 22nd July 2018
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A positive start to the year?

If my family and friends are anything to go by, you probably had at least one member of your household who fell sick over the Christmas period. There seems to be something about the festive period that brings on illness. Obvious candidates are drinking too much, over-eating, eating too many rich foods, and being in a confined area with too many family members! Also, when we are working hard, adrenaline courses though our bodies and keeps us going - but as soon as we stop and take it easy, as we do over Christmas, it seems our bodies’ defences come down and we are susceptible to every bug going. And to add to this we now have the Aussie Flu doing the rounds as well as the worry about how we are going to pay for everything when the credit card bills arrive in January!

Pretty miserable time really, isn’t it? Well no, actually!

As we start 2018, we can build on those wonderful feelings of optimism that come every time we start a new year. What happened last year happened – we cannot change it. If you want to change the world, as Mother Teresa said, start with yourself.

The start of a new year is a time for looking forward, not backwards. So here’s my advice as we start 2018:

Take responsibility: if you have always smoked, or drank alcohol, or you are not happy with some aspect of your life, you – and you alone – are the only person that can do something about it. Not anyone else but YOU! So take responsibility and make those necessary changes.

Take one step at a time. So what if you fail first time – as the song goes, "Pick yourself up, dust yourself down, start all over again.” It’s better to have tried many times than never to have tried at all!

Be happy: you can constantly complain about things, or make a conscious decision to stay happy and improve your own circumstances, either by trying to speak more positively, or just by brightening someone’s day by saying something nice to them. It costs nothing but feels great, both for the giver and receiver!

Stay positive: a positive outlook is one of the greatest characteristics we can possess. We all know someone who lifts our hearts whenever they enter the room: so why shouldn’t that person be you? Remember that optimism, like pessimism, is contagious!

Be grateful: remind yourself often of all the positive things you have in your life: a roof over your head, a beautiful country and landscape, your family, your friends and your health. Times may be hard, but we still have plenty to be grateful for.

Detox: January is the perfect time, after the excesses of Christmas, to give your body a chance to recover. Keep eating healthily, and maybe give up chocolate or alcohol for a month: it will save you money and make you feel healthier!

Keep focussed: it is easy to become depressed and downhearted by all the bad news that surrounds us. But by staying focussed on our own small corner of the world, by loving those around us, and by working on the things that we can genuinely change for the better, we can all help change things for the better. Even if it’s a small change, together a lot of small changes can make a big difference.

Have fun: don’t drown in a sea of gloom. There are so many small pleasures that give great joy, like walks in nature, making music, dancing, singing and so on – and they cost nothing!

A very happy and healthy new year to everyone!


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