Sunday, 22nd July 2018
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Stress-free christmas

Christmas is almost upon us. If you are fortunate enough to have your own home and can afford to have food on the table, then it is a happy Christmas for you. I have a little decoration hanging on my front door and it says "Let's count the blessings of what we have that money can't buy." It's a sentiment with which I totally agree.

But for many, Christmas brings up the pain of lost loved ones and of regrets. Or indeed the lovely or painful memories of past Christmases.

There is no denying that Christmas can sometimes be a stressful time. At certain moments, everyone seems to be stressed out by something or someone. Nobody goes through life without being stressed. I think that stress is a fearful reaction to life's constant changes. This can be used as an excuse for not taking responsibility for our feelings. If we can put the blame out there on somebody or something, then we can play the innocent victim. But remember, what you are thinking is creating the way you feel in your body right now, and it's also creating your experiences of tomorrow. If you are stressed out by every little thing and making mountains out of molehills, you 'll never find inner peace .

There are a few positive affirmations that I use regularly. I repeat them often in my head and they are as follows: "Relax. Embrace Inner Peace. All is Well." You may not be relaxed, or you may be feeling stressed. You may not have inner peace, you may be worrying, and all may indeed not be well in your world. But in many respects, stress is just fear. And if you allow fear to take over in your body, you will freeze and get nowhere. You want be able to breathe properly. If you don't, some organs in your body may become inflamed and allow infection to predominate.

So don't waste your time on negative thinking or emotions because that only creates more of what you don't want. If you are saying positive affirmations to yourself and you are not getting the results you desire, then consciously check to see how often during the day you allow yourself to feel bad or upset. These negative emotions may be just the very things that are frustrating you, delaying the manifestation of your affirmations and stopping the flow of your good energy.

I wish each and every one of my readers a peaceful and happy Christmas. Just make the most of what you have, and if you can, share a little with the people who need our help. Please do this. Even a kind word costs nothing but may make someone's day.

So right now close your eyes, think positive thoughts and breathe goodness in and negativity out. It might just help to make your Christmas a time to share and care about the people in your life.

PS I have a limited number gift vouchers and copies of my book "Words of Wisdom for your Health & Happiness" available. See my website or call 087 2025753.


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