Thursday, 23rd November 2017
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"We are sure about seeds" Irish food writer, TV star and chef Lilly Higgins has launched the Chia Bia ‘We Are Sure About Seeds’ campaign. Lilly, who is a mother of three and known for her healthy recipes, has joined forces with Irish seed brand, Chia Bia, to launch their new health awareness campaign.

We Are Sure About Seeds’ encourages the nation to include chia seeds in their daily diet, these versatile nutrient dense seeds are high in Omega 3, Fibre and Protein. Chia seeds are the perfect addition to the foods you already love – from smoothies to salads, soups to stir-frys, or even in your favourite baked goods. Chia Bia has created a range of simple and nutritious chia seed products that leave you feeling naturally happy and healthy from the inside out, just a tablespoon a day will power your body with the goodness it needs to feel tip-top.

Speaking about the campaign, Chia Bia fan Lilly stated "I am delighted to be part of this Chia Bia campaign. I already use Chia Bia seeds on a daily basis in a number of recipes that my family enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and so I am delighted to help inform others on the health benefits chia seeds can offer. Adding chia seeds into your daily diet is so easy and the health benefits are huge, so to be part of something that will help so many people is great.

Chia Bia was set up by Waterford native Barrie Rogers in 2009 and was the first company to bring chia seeds to Europe. Barrie discovered the huge health benefits that chia seeds offer when he was almost forced to reschedule a flight home from America due to a back injury. While he was bedridden his friend introduced him to chia seeds and told him about their anti-inflammatory properties. Within a few days Barrie felt relief and was told he could fly home. When he tried to get chia seeds in Ireland, he realised they were not available here or even in Europe and as a result he set up Chia Bia which has now become the number one selling seed product in Irish retail.

Speaking at the launch, Barrie shared his excitement about the campaign and working with Lilly Higgins, saying "We are really excited about our sure about seeds campaign, as we can confidently say we are sure about seed quality and the health benefits chia seeds offer. We strive to educate people on how they can introduce chia seeds into any meal. We are thrilled to have Lilly on board for this campaign as she is a big fan of Chia Bia and we are a big fan of hers - it is a perfect fit!"

Chia Bia offer a full range of chia seed products including their new Whole White Chia Seed, Four Seed Mix and Chia, Apple & Cinnamon Mix; which are now available in selected SuperValu, Tesco and Dunnes Stores nationwide at an RRP of €7.99.

For more information, visit / @chiabiaseed Instagram and Twitter @Chiabia Facebook #WeAreSureAboutSeeds #ChiaBiaFam


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