Thursday, 18th January 2018
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It's an ill wind ...

The week before last, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia, our house – like so many others – lost electricity. I cursed the fact that I had forgotten to boil the kettle and at least have some hot water for a cuppa, but at least I had the candles, torches, a battery-powered radio and fuel for the open fire at the ready. But something far, far worse happened for the younger generation across Ireland. There was no power for computers, no power for games consoles, no power for satellite TV, no power for lights. To be fair, my kids all took of those deprivations in their stride, but they faced a potentially far more devastating scenario. Slowly but surely, they were faced with the disastrous prospect of their phones running out of battery ... with no chance to recharge them.

I'm sure that many kids across the nation went frantic when faced by this awful prospect, but in many ways I think the lack of electricity was a good thing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that our children spend far too much time glued to their wretched phones, and the nationwide flat batteries proved that they really can manage without them for a few hours. The lack of electricity really brought home how dependent we are on our phones, but also how disconnected we have become from our family and friends.

A friend joked on Facebook that it was the most he had spoken to his wife in years. Other friends subsequently recounted tales of family board games, impromptu music sessions and card drives – all by lovely, beautiful, magical candlelight. And glory of glories, lots of people picked up a book for the first time in a long time!

“It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good” as the proverb goes. Although Ophelia did sadly cause death and destruction, she also reminded us of the importance of community, of doing things together, and of taking a break from the unsocial on insular activities that make up so much of our entertainment these days. Ages ago, I read somewhere that Iceland used to ban television on Thursdays to encourage families to spend time together, and I have to say I think there might be some merit in switching the electricity off in Ireland once a week to encourage us all to come together!

Homeopathic Personalities Workshop

A reminder that that I am running a fascinating evening workshop on Homeopathic Personalities in Kilkenny on 7th November and in Waterford on 9th November (nb revised dates).

For more details, call me on 087 2025753 or see my website – places are limited, so call now!


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