Thursday, 20th September 2018
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Patience or the fast lane?

We all know someone who is very impatient, super competitive, or over ambitious. Some of these people may even be arrogant or compulsive in some aspects of their lives. But being patient goes a long way towards the goal of creating a more peaceful and loving self. This is an affirmation I repeat often to myself: "Everything is in divine and perfect order right now and so be it.” This may not always be the case, but getting angry and frustrated may, on some occasions, push what you want further away from you.

Recently I was away in Cumbria with my hubby and friends for a few days walking in the Lake District.

Coming home, we were sitting patiently in the boarding area at Manchester Airport. The plane was not full, so we decided to stay seated and not to join the queue of people waiting to board. The priority passengers boarded first, those who had chosen to pay extra to go on the plane first and have a good seat. No sooner had they boarded than a tall, beautiful lady in her early 30s strode up to the Ryanair desk staff and demanded that her small hand luggage be carried for her on to the plane. She was advised to take a seat whilst they rang to find her some help. She sat down next to me and complained how tired she was and how much she needed help. My husband and I would have been happy to help, but she was just so rude! Plus, I felt like telling her that if she didn't wear 12 inch heels she might have had a better chance of walking properly and feeling less tired! However, I just smiled politely and went back to my book.

The was a slight delay for some reason, and the queue for regular passenger was moving slowly. After waiting about 15 minutes, the same woman jumped up, complaining loudly again, and decided it was her right to now jump the queue and board the plane carrying her own hand luggage. Seeing her flounce through made me think about doing the same, but I immediately decided it was not fair on other people waiting their turn. When we finally did board, I heard her still complaining, and I realised that getting her own way was her plan regardless of other people.

Becoming more patient involves opening your heart to the present moment, even if you don't like it. It is an opportunity to remind ourselves to breathe in inner peace, to breathe out the frustrations, unnecessary complaints and negative thoughts that we sometimes carry around with us, and to think “Relax! All is well.”

Sometimes, we do not need to urgently rush and run through life. Why not take your time and enjoy the view? A racing mind is not good if it is negative, as then the Ego takes over and mistakes can be made more frequently.

So next time you find yourself angry, impatient and about to give out unnecessarily, why not take a deep breath and imagine you are like a tree with roots. This helps to ensure that your energy is balanced and not all contained in your racing negative mind. Because when the storm comes, like the tree, you will remain calm, cool and grounded under all circumstances. Have a lovely week!


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