Thursday, 23rd November 2017
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STARCAMP Summer camps are celebrating their 10th birthday and have teamed up with TODAY FM to find a number of entertaining, humorous, cute or unusual children from all over Ireland to become IRELAND’S RADIO KIDS. They’ll get to report their local news live from studio for what promises to be a great opportunity for them, while captivating audiences nationwide.

STARCAMP is aimed at all boys and girls aged 4-12, and it is so much more than a performing arts Summer Camp. Born from a desire to instill confidence in children, all STARCAMPERS will experience a mind blowing array of activities to include a superhero masterclass taught by a real superhero, news & weather reporting, camp games, arts & crafts and of course singing, dancing and drama. The week is scattered with new and fun surprises with a theme of “kindness” and a Friday finale showcase where all are welcome. This year children will get to act out scenes from movies such as Trolls, SING, Tangled and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They’ll sing and dance their little hearts out to ‘Can’t stop the feeling’, Moana favourite ‘How far I’ll go’, ‘24 karat magic’ and all their Disney and chart favourites.

STARCAMP is a clear favourite amongst Ireland’s celebs - Rachel Allen sent her child last year. “My daughter took part in Starcamp and really, really enjoyed it, all the teachers were so kind and encouraging to the children and they put on such a great show at the end.” Pamela Flood had this to say, “My little man had his 1st day at the FANTASTIC STARCAMP today! He absolutely LOVED IT! Well done to all. STARCAMP really does live up to its incredible reputation. It is the must do Summer camp for all children. It’s not like any other.” Others who regularly speak highly of it include Jedward, Elaine Crowley, Ramona Nicholas, Alison Curtis and so many more.

STARCAMP are delighted to have Fyffes on board as a title sponsor for the fourth year running, they united through their mutual passion for every child to be as happy and healthy as can be. Their collaboration promises many fun competitions and giveaways throughout the Summer of 2017!

STARCAMP hit Ireland with a bang 10 years ago. While Summer camps were not a new concept, the few that existed were sports orientated and STARCAMP completely broke the mould when it began. Roll on 10 years and STARCAMP run their performance, fun & games based Summer Camp in over 200 towns across 32 counties. It continues to offer an unequalled experience, as the large, incredibly talented team work all year round to create these camps. STARCAMP founder, Aideen O’Grady, who won the hearts of all the Dragons’ on Dragons Den and who is also a regular TV3 and radio panellist says “Show me a child who does not love music, they just adore it, they love the freedom of dance and they always come out of their shells while pretending to be someone or something they are not (acting!). This combined with some wonderful camp games, some arts and crafts, a superhero visit and other little fun surprises is simply what children’s dreams are made of It. Most importantly our whole emphasis is on making every child feel confident, to make them truly believe in themselves and in their own thoughts and abilities”. STARCAMP has become a household name as parents ensure their child’s place as early as November of the previous year, so make sure to secure your child’s place as these camps book up early.

BOOK YOUR LIMITED PLACE NOW AT http://www.STARCAMP.IE OR CALL US ON 021-4377900. For further information on camps or how to become one of IRELAND’S RADIO KIDS check out our website, Facebook page or feel free to give us a call.


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