Sunday, 24th June 2018
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Exams are a headache!

For some students, exams literally are a headache. Long hours sat at a desk studying can upset the body’s balance and metabolism, resulting in a range of symptoms: headaches, sore backs, bad skin, indigestion and so on. As ever, prevention is better than cure. In my experience, there is almost always an underlying, maintaining cause of imbalance in the body, and if you can identify and address that cause, you have a good chance of making things better. In the case of headaches around exams, here is some advice that might work for you:

Take a break: it may sound obvious, but it still needs to be said. Take a break from the books or computer every so often, and set aside treat moments or an evening off in the week where you forget the studies for a bit and do something you like.

Get a rest from the phone: some people are very sensitive to the electromagnetic emissions from a mobile phone. If my kids are anything to go by, the phone is never far away, but for studying, make sure it’s in a different room, and when sleeping, make sure it’s at least five feet away from your bed and definitely not under your pillow.

Watch your diet: when we are under stress, sometimes we forget to eat properly, we may start smoking, or drinking too many cups of tea or coffee. The body may react to a bad diet and health regime by giving you a headache, so stay hydrated and make sure you eat well.

Be nice to yourself: studying can become all-consuming, so remember to be kind to yourself, and never forget that there is a big world out there beyond them! And when you get results, focus on what is good (the 80% mark) and not bad (the 20% you didn’t get).

Exercise: sometimes a walk or a run or a cycle ride in the fresh air is all that is needed to clear a headache.

Try homeopathic remedies: I have found certain remedies can be very effective in treating headaches related to exams. In particular, Nux Vomica is good for the workaholic who gets frustrated, whilst Aurum works for the perfectionist who is too intense and fears failure.

Use Flower Essences and Essential Oils: they can help you to relax. Try a bush flower essence called “Calm & Clear.” Rosemary aromatherapy essential oil is also very useful (place a few drops on a tissue nearby and do the same on the day of the exams) as it aids memory and encourages the olfactory area of the brain to remember what you studied previously.

PS A reminder that on Saturday 22nd April from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm, there will be an open day in the Health Therapies Clinic at 13 Gladstone St, Waterford (above Nursing Needs). I will be there with my fellow therapists Lisa Smith Everett and Kevin Hennessey to answer any health questions or queries you might have. Call 087 2025753 for more details or see


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