Thursday, 23rd November 2017
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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

Annual Dominican Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine

Annual Dominican Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine - Sunday 8th October 2017. Bus will depart O'Connell street (Beside the Church) at 7am. Tickets on sale in St. Saviours Dominican Church, Bridge St. at €25.00

Ferrybank Library

Parents! Would you like to improve your cúpla focal and help your children tackle their Irish homework with confidence? Join our Irish tutor Micheál in Ferrybank Library for a weekly morning class. Classes will begin on Thursday 28th September at 11:45am This is a FREE class. Register your interest today, phone 051 897200

FREE Declutter Talk - If you would like to break free from the overwhelm of clutter so that you can enjoy a simpler, happier life then this FREE Declutter talk is for you. The talk will cover a variety of practical wardrobe and home decluttering information, tips and guidelines on

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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

Small Claims Procedure


I am not happy with work that a builder did on my house and will have to pay for someone else to finish the job properly. What can I do to recoup the additional expense?


If your original builder is unwilling to compensate you, you may be able to pursue a claim against the builder through the Small Claims Procedure. The aim of this procedure is to provide an inexpensive, fast and easy way for consumers to resolve disputes without needing to employ a solicitor. The maximum amount you can claim is €2,000. The small claims service is provided through local District Court offices.

Anyone who has purchased goods or services for private use from someone selling them in the course of business may submit a claim using the Small Claims Procedure. You can make claims for faulty goods or

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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

Sinn Féin spokesperson Brexit and Workers’ Rights David Cullinane TD said that the issue of low-hour contracts, not zero-hour contracts, is the one facing workers today and that the government’s proposals are weak and ineffective.

The Waterford TD said:

"The government’s proposal to tackle zero-hour working practices is a white elephant.

"Zero-hours working practices have been severely restricted in the south since 1997. The issue is low-hour and if-and-when contracts.

"They have led to serious issues in terms of employment security and stability for ordinary workers and they should be curtailed through legislation

"This was the main finding of the University of Limerick report into the issue of work contracts in 2015.

"The government's proposals will not do that as they are designed to ‘outlaw’ a practice that is at the margins of contract arrangements, while ignoring the key issue which is precarious work.

"I have produced

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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

‘Where do You think you’re From?’ is the title of the Waterford U3A (University of the Third Age) event on Monday October 2 at the Edmund Rice Centre (Mount Sion) at 2 pm. Máire Seo Breathnach, chair of the Waterford Placenames Committee and Irish Officer with Waterford Council will be the speaker. Máire will focus on the how and why of naming places especially new developments in the Waterford area. She will also lead a discussion on how much place means to us and helps to give us a sense of identity. Please bring with you what you know about the name of the place where you live now and also of your home place – where you were born or grew up or lived. All welcome. Admission for non-members €5. Put active into retirement.

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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q. A "hot zone" in the dreaming brain shines a cool light on its hidden meaning. Explain, please.

A. Neuroscientist Benjamin Baird and consciousness expert Giulio Tononi and their team used scalp electrodes to record sleepers' brain waves via high-density electroencephalography, says Tanya Lewis in "Scientific American" magazine. They woke people at frequent intervals to ask if they’d been dreaming and what about, garnering about 1000 waking accounts. "The team identified a ‘hot zone’… near the back of the head, where low-frequency brain waves (linked to unconsciousness) decreased and high-frequency activity rose when people said they had been dreaming" ("Nature Neuroscience"). In another experiment, "the scientists predicted with 87% accuracy whether the participants were dreaming, and brain-wave activity in certain brain regions was linked to specific dream content, including locations, faces and speech." A potential

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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

Waterford Today - weekly horoscopes

Wednesday 27th September

Tuesday 3rd OctoberAries 21st March-21st April

With two heavyweights of the cosmos Jupiter and Uranus going toe-to-toe around the 28th of the month, think twice before making any seemingly drastic decisions - there’s a good chance you’ll end up thinking "what the bleep did I do that for!" Over-reactions can be commonplace now so try as hard as you can to keep your cool and stick to the plans that are already in place, or you could find that you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Taurus 22nd April-21st May

The planets are urging you to take a risk of some kind Taurus. It could be that you’ve been weighing up your options in one area of your life for some time now, and that over the course of the past few months you feel you’re

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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

Tramore TidyTowns today received the national SuperValu Youth Award at the TidyTowns Awards in the Helix, Dublin. The TidyTowns committee was recognised for its role in making the community of Tramore a better place for people of all age groups to live, work, play and visit.

Tramore’s TidyTowns project was the comprehensive and innovative #CostofyourCuppa. Organised and managed by sixth-class pupils of the Glor na Mara Primary School in Tramore, the project focused on the highly topical waste management issue of disposable cups. This project was distinguished for its potential to have a positive impact on Tramore and also for how easily it could be replicated across the country.

Some of the project’s interesting elements included social media campaigns to raise awareness about the issue, partnerships with local cafés and

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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

Natural Healing

With Breda Gardner Homeopath, lcph, mcos, rgn

Health Therapies Clinic

13 Gladstone Street, Waterford.

Tel: 087 2025753.

Insight Natural Health Clinic

15 Upper Patrick St, Kilkenny

Tel: 056 7724429

Healing the political arena

Recently I was honoured to be asked to give a talk alongside two fellow county councillors to the AILG (Association of Irish Local Government). I have given many similar presentations in the past, but I have to confess to being a little daunted about talking in front of local politicians from across the political divide and across Ireland (the AILG has 960 members!). The talks took place in Dublin, Galway and Cork, with a theme of "Positive Health & Wellbeing for County Councillors."

The general public in Ireland are quick to give out about politicians, and in many cases, that reaction is completely justified. Though it may be hard to believe, however, most politicians actually

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Wednesday, 27th September 2017

In a statement to mark the first anniversary of the Government's obesity policy and action plan, A Healthy Weight for Ireland, Janis Morrissey Irish Heart's Health Promotion Manager said "Twelve months ago, Irish Heart warned against any further implementation paralysis in tackling Ireland's child obesity crisis. But one year on there remains a marked lack of urgency in implementing policies that will reduce rates of overweight and obesity and protect our children's future health.

"We have to stop tinkering around the edges of the obesity crisis and implement decisive policies that can make a difference. Already we have children as young as eight with high blood pressure and young people displaying the early signs of heart disease that in the past were rarely seen until middle age?"

According to Irish Heart, the Ten Steps Forward action plan contained in the national policy

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Wednesday, 20th September 2017

Fenor Bingo

Fenor Bingo will take place on Friday 22nd September at 8pm in Fenor National School Hall. Bus will leave the Shop, Riverstown, Tramore at 7.15pm. Great night assured.

Comeragh Mountaineering Club

We continue our our Autumn programme with Denis Cullen who will lead a walk next Sunday 24th September. Meet at the Hypermarket at 10am. Boots essential, hot drink, food, water, hat, extra clothes advised. All details from Dick (txt only) on 086-2652768.

Ferrybank Library

Junior Book Club

All 4th, 5th and 6 classes are invited to join the Junior Book Club and enjoy a fun time discussing your favourite books with like-minded kids! Find out about new books and exciting new story lines!

Date: Saturday 30th September [the last Saturday of each month]. Time: 11:30 – 12:30. Venue: Ferrybank Library [051 897200]

FREE Declutter Talk

If you would like to break free from the overwhelm of

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Letters to the Editor


    Christmas timeBeing part of the huge crowd that was in Waterford city centre for the annual turning on of the Christmas lights was without a question one of the highlights of the year. Seeing so many people, and particularly young people, infants and children, being part of the whole event made the turning on of the lights an even better occasion than you could possibly imagine.Each year the Winterval festival just gets better and better and you really have to hand it to the people behind it whose …

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