Thursday, 23rd November 2017
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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

Benefits for carers


I will need to take time out from work to provide full-time care for my father. What is available for people in my situation?


There are several entitlements available to you. In order for you to qualify, the person you are caring for (your father) must be in need of full-time care and attention.

If you are working at present and will be taking time off to care, you may be eligible for carer's leave of up to 2 years. You must have worked for your employer for a continuous period of 12 months to qualify for this leave.

While you are on carer’s leave, you are entitled to get credited social insurance contributions to maintain your PRSI record.

You are entitled to annual leave and public holidays in respect of the first 13 weeks of carer’s leave. Your employer cannot dismiss

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q. If we all spoke the same language one day, it just might be a variety of a similect. Explain, please.

A. First, a few facts: Mandarin Chinese is spoken by the greatest number of people, over a billion; next is Spanish, and together the two languages are spoken in some 30 countries, says Hal Hodson in "New Scientist" magazine. Ranking third is English, found in at least 100 countries; it is the first language for some 335 million people, and the second language for another 555 million. Also, it dominates international relations, business and science.

Now to the question. As Anna Mauranen of the University of Helsinki explains, millions of second-language English speakers have created "similects" that incorporate elements of their native language with English: Chinese-English, Brazilian-English, Nigerian-English.

Languages like German and Estonian will remain the

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

Waterford Today weekly horoscopes

Wednesday 25th September - Tuesday 31st October

Aries 21st March-21st April

You like to stay busy Aries, but be aware that a shed-load of commitments and massive to-do list can be a great excuse to avoid unprocessed emotions and generally not dealing with ‘our stuff’. But unless we face these uncomfortable facets of life, we carry them around with us, weighing us down and bubbling to the surface when we least expect it. Whatever it is/was - loss, disappointment, betrayal - face your feelings around it.

Taurus 22nd April-21st May

You could be about to break all your own rules Taurus, especially where love and romance are concerned. It could be that after being fiercely independant you decide you want to hitch your wagon to someone else’s after all. Or maybe you break way from your usual dating ‘type’ and take

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

Waterford kids are set to enjoy a unique children’s Spooks Parade and family fun day to kick off the Halloween season at Waterford Retail Park, on Saturday, October 28. Led by Count Dracula, local children will go from store to store on a spooky adventure, trick or treating staff and customers alike.

As well as Count Dracula and his spooky entourage, children will be entertained by magicians, jugglers and face painters with a Halloween DJ providing suitable ghoulish tunes.

Waterford Retail Park is located on the Outer Ring Road, just a few minutes’ drive from Waterford City Centre.

Children and adults attending the Spooks Parade are encouraged to get into the Halloween spirit and don their best costume.

The event starts at 4pm, and families are encouraged

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

On Saturday, October 21st Whitfield hosted the latest in a series of General Practitioner Study Days. The day featured a wide and varied programme of talks by Whitfield

consultants in their respective practices and specialties and was very well attended by GP’s from the south east region.

Over the course of the day Mr. Patrick Carton, Mr. Eugene Ng and Mr. David McMurray spoke on a range of orthopaedic, ophthalmology and gynaecology topics, while Mr. Ian Kelly, Dr. Colin Buckley, Dr. Pat O’Callaghan and Mr. Mark Mulhearn facilitated roundtable discussions pertaining to their respective fields of expertise. This is the fourth year that Whitfield has hosted its bi-annual G.P. Study Day.

"We were delighted with the response and feedback from the GP’s who attended the event from across the South East" said Whitfield CEO, Paul Lynam.

"We really see the value in hosting this

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

With Breda Gardner Homeopath, lcph, mcos, rgn

Health Therapies Clinic

13 Gladstone Street, Waterford.

Tel: 087 2025753.

Insight Natural Health Clinic

15 Upper Patrick St, Kilkenny

Tel: 056 7724429

Which personality are you?

We all have different layers within us that make up our whole being of mind, body and spirit. When I test people in my health clinics, certain homeopathic remedies come up, and invariably as well as relating to any physical ailments, the remedies also correlate with the person’s emotional and mental characteristics. There are eight homeopathic remedies that I most commonly prescribe: Aconite, Arsenicum, Aurum, Lycopodium, Nat Mur, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla and Sepia. As well as being helpful for certain physical conditions, each of these remedies relates to the

positive and negative emotional make-up and energy of the individual. When prescribing homeopathic remedies, I always take into account the person’s underlying homeopathic personality or personalities.

Take Aconite,

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

The Green Party in Cork, Limerick and Waterford has reiterated its alternative to the proposed Cork–Limerick motorway.

The party remade its call after the Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe, described the project as "the main missing link in our national road network" at a meeting of business leaders in Limerick during the week.

The government has pledged €5m for the planning and tendering phase of the project but has declined to say when construction of the road would begin. The final cost is expected to be in the region of €1 billion.

Speaking afterwards, Marc Ó Cathasaigh, chairperson of the Green Party in Waterford said:

"Upgrading the Cork–Limerick road to motorway is an idea guaranteed to be popular in some quarters. But like many popular ideas, it’s easy to get carried away without looking around at what other more cost effective options there might

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

Dunabbey House, a residential nursing unit in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, has received excellent ratings in an inspection carried out by the Health Information and Equality Authority (HIQA).

In a report published this month, based on the results of a two day inspection carried out in July, HIQA approved Dunabbey’s full registration and found the facility to be fully compliant in 14 and substantially compliant in another four of the 18 categories looked at in such undertakings.

Named to reflect the local parishes of Dungarvan and Abbeyside, the single storey, purpose built Dunabbey House has operated as a designated centre for dependent persons since 1974. Under the management of the adjacent Dungarvan Community Hospital, the facility provides general nursing care on a 24 hour basis cares for 24 residents with a low to high dependency level.

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

Thin Gin won another Gold Medal at the 2017 I.W.A Awards held at the new Jameson Distillery in Dublin on 19th October. This is the third year in a row that Waterford’s Thin Gin has been in the top three Irish gins, voted by industry experts, in a blind taste test. Each year the category gets more crowded and this year there were 23 gins in the competition.

Thin Gin is the only gin to achieve three awards in three consecutive years in the gin category of the Irish Whiskey Awards. It took ‘Best Irish Gin’ in 2015, ‘Gold Medal’ in 2016 and another ‘Gold Medal’ in this year’s accolades. Announcing the awards to a room packed with industry representatives and press, Ally Alpine of the Celtic Whiskey Shop

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Tuesday, 24th October 2017

The Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society is celebrating the launch of the seventy-third volume their annual journal Decies on Saturday 28th October from 6 – 8 pm in the Parnell Room, Granville Hotel, Meagher Quay, Waterford.

The launch is being held to coincide with the Imagine Arts Festival and will include musical performances by The Knotted Chords, a highly regarded Waterford-based folk duo, and short talks by two of the contributors to this year’s journal. Ballyduff native Richard Tobin will talk about his research on some of the personalities involved in the National League, the political party founded by Parnell, in Ballyduff in the 1880s. The stirring trans-Atlantic story of Aglish-born John Cotter who played a significant part in the Gaelic Revival will be told by Brigid McIntyre.

This is a free event and all are welcome, refreshments will be served. Membership

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Letters to the Editor


    Christmas timeBeing part of the huge crowd that was in Waterford city centre for the annual turning on of the Christmas lights was without a question one of the highlights of the year. Seeing so many people, and particularly young people, infants and children, being part of the whole event made the turning on of the lights an even better occasion than you could possibly imagine.Each year the Winterval festival just gets better and better and you really have to hand it to the people behind it whose …

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