Tuesday, 18th September 2018
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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

To make an appointment for a personal reading at The Athanaeum House Hotel, Christendom, Ferrybank Tel: 085 - 7355683

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Aries: March 21 – April 20
Somehow, even the well-meaning, if sometimes self-serving platitudes, those in authority mouth don't seem worth a proverbial hill of beans, when you look at what they earn and spend compared to your particular struggle. Remember though,

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

Therapie Clinic Athlone has told us that the waiting list for their fat freezing treatment has reached new lengths after TV3's Xpose showed their interest! Lisa Cannon visited the flagship Therapie Clinic in Dublin last week and did a story on the treatment, sending demand soaring!

If you haven't already heard about this breakthrough new treatment, it's called Cooltec. It's non-invasive and works by freezing and breaking down fat cells which are then naturally eliminated by the body.

Belly fat, back fat, abdominal fat, and/or stubborn fat on the thighs, hips or buttocks can be reduced by up to 40% after just 1 treatment.

Cooltec is particularly effective at shaping and contouring the waist, giving a lean, toned look. Results can be seen in as little as 15 days after treatment and the fat cell reduction continues for an amazing 3 months.

One client,

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

Hacked By Ottomans

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

RTE TV and radio presenter, Joe Duffy, has pledged his support, for the third successive year, to highlight the annual Organ Donor Awareness Week campaign. The campaign, which aims to increase the number of organ donors, is organised by the Irish Kidney Association in partnership with the Irish Donor Network and will take place from 30th March until 6th April, 2013.

Speaking about his involvement with the awareness campaign, Joe said, "I am honoured to be asked to lend my support to this life saving awareness campaign for the third year. It is a cause close to my heart having lost my friend in 2009, the late Frank Deasy, who sadly lost his battle with liver failure.

"On my radio show, down through the years, I have heard much about the plight of so many people whose only chance of survival was

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

Sam McCauley Chemist has requalified as one of Ireland's ‘Best Managed' companies in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards Programme. Sam McCauley Chemist was first recognised as a Best Managed Company in 2008. The company, which demonstrated superior business performance for a fifth year running, was recognised at a gala awards dinner in the Burlington Hotel in Dublin on recently. Former Taoiseach and Chairman of IFSC Ireland, John Bruton, was special guest speaker at the event.

The Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards Programme, in association with Irish Life Corporate Business, recognises indigenous Irish companies across the island of Ireland which are operating at the highest levels of business performance.

Commenting on the award Patrick McCormack Managing Director said ‘The secret to the success of the Sam

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

Tempted, the plus-size fashion chain for women, has announced its annual Model Search competition, which could launch the career of Ireland's next top curvy model. Entrants are welcome from all walks of life, and should be a size 16 plus, over 18 years of age, and love clothes and fashion, according to the organiser Rosemary Kearns of Tempted Boutiques.

The Tempted competition winner will model on Ireland AM, and take part in a fashion shoot for the stores. Last year's winner, twenty-seven year old Sinead O'Brien from Patrickswell in Limerick, went on to be signed as a plus-size model with Andrea Roche's Dublin modelling agency, and the classically trained soprano now combines modelling with her singing career.

According to Sinead, ""Being the Face of Tempted had changed so much for

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

John Doherty

In January 2012 John Doherty decided that it was time to lose weight. Having tried lots of other programmes with little success he contacted the Motivation Weight Management Clinic in Waterford as he had heard great things from friends who had gone to Motivation. Weighing in at 21 stone 3lbs, John knew he had a lot of weight to lose. He set his target weight at 16 stone. In August 2012, John surpassed his target and weighed 15 stone 3lbs. That's a total weight loss of 6 stone and it only took him 7 months to lose it!

John has 4 young kids who as you can imagine demand a lot of attention and he also has a very physical job. His extra weight was slowing him down. He was finding it more and more difficult to work during the

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

As part of an ongoing review undertaken by the National Transport Authority on public transport services in Waterford, Bus Éireann is pleased to announce alterations to its city routes, which will come into effect on Sunday the 24th of March 2013.

Bus Éireann will introduce a revised list of route numbers for its city services in Waterford to facilitate the rollout of Real Time Passenger Information Displays, which will come into effect during the first half of 2013. The electronic signs will provide bus users with up-to-the-minute information on when the next bus is due at the stop.

The number changes are as follows:

Route 1C - Route 601

Route 2C - Route 602

Route 3C - Route 603

Route 4C - Route 604

Route 5C- Route 605

The improvements to the Waterford city network include:

- A user friendly network

- Improved timetables

- Consistent clock face frequencies

- New Route

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

Waterford City Councillor Seamus Ryan, has welcomed this week's announcement by the government of new measures to deal with the mortgage arrears crisis.

"The mortgage arrears crisis is one of the most serious social and economic issues facing Ireland. There are currently 94,500 private residential properties in arrears of over 90 days, and while figures released by the Central Bank show that the rate by which mortgages are falling into arrears is falling, it remains a cause of huge distress to many families, and an impediment to economic recovery. According to Cllr Ryan many Waterford families are currently in mortgage arrears and continue to experience great distress.

"The measures announced this week show that the government is serious about tackling this issue. The targets set by the Central Bank will ensure that long-term, sustainable solutions will be sought by the banks, easing

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

Respond! Housing Association ‘Jubilee30 Celebration' as Ireland's leading housing charity has been honoured with an invitation to visit Áras an Uachtaráin. A delighted group of Respond! families, volunteers and staff members travelled to meet with His Excellency, President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins on 13th March 2013. This trip gave Respond!, who has been to the forefront of social housing for over 30 years, the chance to celebrate their joint vision, with the President, of creating positive change through inclusive, collaborative and united communities.

According to Pat Cogan ofm, CEO and cofounder of Respond! Housing Association, "We are grateful for the recognition this invitation to the Áras, affords our organisation, our staff and our residents across the country. We understand that President Higgins is complying

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Letters to the Editor

  • A Wonderful Harvest

    Even though the weather Gods didn’t exactly play ball over the weekend it doesn’t take away from the fact that this years Waterford Harvest Festival was yet again another wonderful success. It was great to see the streets of the centre of the city so beautifully and thoughtfully decked out. The various food stalls offering tastes from all over were great to wander around. The information and background that each of the stall holders were able to give on the provenance of their food was really interesting an …

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