Sunday, 18th March 2018
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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Bee Keeping course for beginners

Bee keeping course for beginners will take place on Saturday 21st April and Saturday 5th May 2018. For further details please contact: Maurice Brady (Secretary) on 087 9093032 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakf125aba2696a7ae4502725b63022436e').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addyf125aba2696a7ae4502725b63022436e = 'mosseybrady' + '@'; addyf125aba2696a7ae4502725b63022436e = addyf125aba2696a7ae4502725b63022436e + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com'; var addy_textf125aba2696a7ae4502725b63022436e = 'mosseybrady' + '@' + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloakf125aba2696a7ae4502725b63022436e').innerHTML += ''+addy_textf125aba2696a7ae4502725b63022436e+'';

Paddy Kiely Memorial Darts Competition

Kilmacow Darts Club presents the Annual Paddy Kiely Memorial competition in The Foxes Den, Kilmacow, on Easter Saturday 31st March at 5pm

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan


My partner and I have been unable to get a mortgage to buy our own home. Will we be eligible for the new Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan?


The new Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan provides mortgages to first-time buyers at reduced interest rates (2%–2.3%) to buy new or second-hand properties or to build a home. You can choose to fix the rates for the full term of the mortgage, so you have the same repayments for the whole time you are repaying the loan.

To qualify for a loan under the scheme:

- You must be a first-time buyer aged between 18 and 70 years of age

- Your income cannot be more than €50,000 (?75,000 for joint applicants)

- You must have a deposit of at least 10% of the purchase price of the property

- You must have evidence of two insufficient

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q. Training doctors. Treating anxiety. Traveling to the roof of the world. Dissecting a frog. Going on a spacewalk…. What remarkable technology advances all these disparate experiences?

A. The head-mounted virtual reality (VR) device, answers Clive Thompson in "Smithsonian" magazine. "Today’s VR emerged largely because the technology it requires-—LCD screens and tilt sensors—-was made suddenly cheap by the boom in mobile phones." Now VR is edging into mainstream, with more and more people peering into new realms. Surgeons use it to simulate operations. For fear of heights or fear of public speaking, VR is a new tool in "exposure therapy," where patients board a virtual elevator or address a virtual audience to diffuse their anxiety. "’Everest VR’ draws on a database of 300,000 images to take you from the base camp to the summit."

Using "VIVED

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Take some me time to regulate your whole system, mind, body, heart and system as we move from winter into springtime. This day long retreat will focus firstly on rooting ourselves, by making space for all parts of ourselves to settle down and reconnect. Slowly and steadily we revive the body and mind through a 90 minute asana practice with music.

Yoga is about opening the heart. It is about treating ourselves well. It is about balance. A one day retreat can help with all three of these leaving you feeling replenished in body, mind, and soul. Taking time for yourself like this is not self centred, its about becoming more centred.

Taking time to connect means you can pause and receive insight and information

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Waterford Today weekly horoscopes

Wednesday 7th February - Tuesday 13th March

Aries 21st March-21st April

In like a lion! That’s what they say about March, and with two full moons this month as February had none, is it any wonder? Life is change and there’s vast scope for possibility coming your way, but only after a period of introspection, reflection, self-study and a certain amount of closure on some of the emotional happenings of the last two years. As always, change is difficult, but necessary, it’s how we grow.

Taurus 22nd April-21st May

Sometimes it can be great to get really focused on one particular area of interest. Just remember that there’s more going on outside of this. Look up every now and again and broaden your focus, lest you miss out on some vital information - there may be a specific course or workshop

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

With Breda Gardner Homeopath, lcph, mcos, rgn

Health Therapies Clinic

13 Gladstone Street, Waterford.

Tel: 087 2025753.

Insight Natural Health Clinic

15 Upper Patrick St, Kilkenny

Tel: 056 7724429

East meets West

The terrible weather we recently experienced was not all bad news. There were some marvellous examples of community spirit across the country, whilst at home I was finally able to read - and not scan! - a couple of books that have been sat on my shelf for a while!

One such book is "Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy" written by my friend Dheai Ilsaaid. He is a practising acupuncturist in Waterford. In his book, he explains how Eastern philosophies relate to the human body, and how that knowledge can be used to help patients to restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. In no way does Dheai attempt to disrespect or replace traditional,

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

The following article is penned In light of recent events most notably the failure of 19 South East Oireachtas members to win any concessions from Minister for Health Simon Harris on the issue of South East cardiac care – this despite some telling political and clinical developments on the issue including expansion of Dublin Catheterisation capacity in the interim and the continuing enforcement of emergency cardiac care outside the standards of the national clinical care programme. There is also significant politicking and jockeying going on behind the scenes with some of our regional representatives - the headline grabs with a full synopsis below -

1. Despite the Minister receiving a report of the availability to UHW of a full service Modular Interventional Cath Lab in December 2017 he said he had ‘no knowledge of the subject’ when meeting the South

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

University Hospital Waterford coped well during the severe weather event due to the exceptional efforts and support from our staff and the various emergency services who all teamed together to keep the hospital system operating safely over an extended period in very challenging circumstances. Critical to the smoother functioning experienced was that management and staff started into local preparations and plan for this event from Monday 5th March and this proved crucial in managing the overall situation and what was in reality a mammoth logistical exercise.

UHW are so proud of our staff, many of whom did not see their families for up to five nights either staying in local hotels or bedding onsite in the hospital in order to be available for work on day or night duty. Staff swapped shifts to facilitate other colleagues who lived in more inaccessible

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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

07-03-2018 to 14-03-2018

Wednesday 7th

WIDA – Dunphy Room – 9:00am

HSE Paediatric Physiotherapy – Grosvenor Room – 9:00am

WCFE – Normoyle Room – 9:00am

Intermediate Yoga with Katie – Finn Room – 9:00am

English Classes – Various Room – 10:00am

Qigong – Ship Room – 10:00am

Complete Beginners Yoga with Katie – Finn Room – 10:00am

Belong – Finn Room – 12:00pm

Kumon Education – Finn Room – 3:45pm

Mini Musos Children’s Yoga Class – Mulcahy Room – 4:30pm

High Hopes Choir – Normoyle Room – 6:00pm

Qigong – Ship Room – 7:00pm

SHARE Group – Power Room – 7:00pm

Lifehouse Church – Finn Room – 7:30pm

Positive Living and Relaxation Course – Mulcahy Room – 7:30pm

Waterford Intellectual Disability Association – Grosvenor Room – 7:30pm

Thursday 8th

WIDA – Dunphy Room – 9:00am

English Classes – Various Room – 10:00am

The Place of Dance and Performing Arts – Finn Room – 1:45pm

C.O.P.D. Support Group – Power Room – 2:00pm


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Wednesday, 7th March 2018

Pip and Pear Wins Food and Agri Award at the Waterford Business Awards held in the beautiful Faithlegg House Hotel on Friday the 23rd of February.

The gala awards ceremony which are now in their fourth year, celebrates the best of Waterford business across eleven categories and include Arts, Culture and Heritage, Best Small Business, Community and Social Enterprise, Food and Agri, Research, Innovation and Technology, Manufacturing and Industry, Emerging New Business, Retail, Services, Customer Service Excellence and Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality.

The Judge’s Special Recognition Award was presented to Anne Marie Caulfield, owner and director of Caulfield McCarthy Group, Caulfield’s SuperValu and Caulfield McCarthy Property Ltd, by Waterford Chamber President Paul Nolan on behalf of sponsors Dawn Meats, for her tremendous contribution to the cultural and economic climate of Waterford and for inspiring others through her exceptional commitment, motivation, and vision.


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Letters to the Editor


    Keeping a checkIt is common knowledge that when it comes to technology, if you want to do something, just ask a young person to show you. They have grown up with all the technology that is around us at the moment and seem adept at using it in the easiest fashion possible. But just because young people are good at technology, does that mean that they should have unfettered access to all the sites and apps that are available to them today?Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has just come out and said that he and …

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