Wednesday, 20th September 2017
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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Well Festival of Arts and Wellbeing 2017

Well Festival of Arts and Wellbeing 2017 to announce programme on Monday 18 September

Well Festival of Arts and Wellbeing is back! The programme for the 2017 festival will be announced at a launch event on Monday 18 September, 11am at Garter Lane Arts Centre, O’Connell Street, Waterford. All are welcome to attend. Well Festival of Arts and Wellbeing is a fun, accessible, multidisciplinary festival in Waterford, which champions the links between arts and wellbeing with a wide-ranging programme of innovative, free events for all ages across all artforms, including music, art, dance, film and literature. Now in its 5th year, the 2017 festival takes place Monday 9 – Sunday 15 October and coincides with World Mental Health Day and World Hospice Day. Well Festival is funded by the Arts Council, Waterford City and County

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Student grant appeals


I’ve applied for a student grant to start a college course this year but I didn’t get the grant I was expecting. What can I do?


Applications for the Student Grant Scheme are processed by Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). If you are not happy with the outcome of your application, you can ask SUSI to review the decision if there has been a change in your circumstances or if you think your household income wasn’t assessed correctly. You can also request a review if you think you should get a special rate of grant or if you think there was an error in assessing the distance between your home and college (which affects whether you get an adjacent or non-adjacent rate).

You can request a review by using the online form on the website

You can also make an

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

By Bill Sones and Rich Sones, PhD

Q. Are you one of the millions who met their romantic

partner on an online dating site? If so, you’ve helped

generate billions of pieces of data, ripe for analysis,

including one broad category of “deal breakers.” Can you identify any of them?

A. As reported by John Bohannon on “,” sociologist Elizabeth Bruch and team randomly selected 1855 people registered on an “established, marriage-oriented dating site” that produced some 1.1 million interactions (“Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”). Their initial finding? “When it comes to the early state of dating, it seems to be all about the deal breakers.” Without a photo, both men and women were 20 times less likely to look further. Also, smoking could drop interest some 10-fold. And the biggest deal-breaker was age, for women at least, who were “400 times less

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Waterford Today weekly horoscopes

Wednesday 13th September - Tuesday 19th September

Aries 21st March-21st April

Everything returning to normal Aries? What even IS normal eh? You might look back on the last couple of months and be amazed at the changes that have happened in your life. You might find you’re still adjusting to a new set up, at home, at work, in love or friendships. You may also have had a moment of clarity about how you see your self and how you want others to see you. This week is all about setting into this new sense of yourself.

Taurus 22nd April-21st May

As the rest of the world returns to routine you might find yourself rebelling against the trend. You’re not ready to give up on Summer yet and feel like you still have time to squeeze a bit more fun in.

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

With Breda Gardner Homeopath, lcph, mcos, rgn

Health Therapies Clinic

13 Gladstone Street, Waterford.

Tel: 087 2025753.

Insight Natural Health Clinic

15 Upper Patrick St, Kilkenny

Tel: 056 7724429

Understanding emotions

Emotions are energies similar to thought forms, with one important difference: we experience emotions through our body, whereas we experience thoughts through our mind.

Thoughts can create emotions which are then experienced by the body. If you think of someone you loved who died, it can make you feel sad in your heart or lungs. I have known of cases where this has led to people developing a chest infection or even pneumonia, with a viral infection that no amount of antibiotics can cure. In such cases, talking about the loss can be very helpful, as indeed are homeopathic medicines.

Although you may not be aware of it, most people can also read emotional energies without needing to feel

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

This is the fourth article in our "Focus on Dementia" series and this week we look at some of the signs and symptoms of dementia. Here's what you need to know.

"Focus on Dementia" is an initiative of the Dementia: Understand Together campaign.

What is dementia?

Dementia is caused by a number of diseases that damage the nerve cells in the brain. Common symptoms may include difficulties with thinking and language, problem-solving and the carrying out of everyday tasks, as well as issues with memory loss and changes in mood and behaviour.

What is the difference between forgetfulness and dementia?

For sure, our bodies and brains slow down as we age. We are less physically and mentally flexible and we take more time to process information. Memory changes occur as well, and many people find it harder to remember people’s names, places and other things,

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Osteoporosis Clinic Ireland has been developed to assist people with or predisposed to bone health issues. Susan Boland, Nutritional Therapist & Karen Byrne, Registered General Nurse are bringing the clinic around the country to facilitate our clients. We work with a local Physiotherapist in each area & where possible all follow up consultations will be with the same Physiotherapist.

A program of recommended visits includes: Initial consultation with follow ups at 3 months/6months/12 months/18 months, followed by your 2 yearly DXA scan. Telephone consultations are available to review and update your nutritional status.

At your first appointment, which lasts approximately an hour & a half, you will see Susan our Nutritional Therapist who will tailor a nutritional protocol to your specific needs for your bone health, general health & gut health & recommend any supplements you may require. A copy of your

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

Exhale is more than a beauty salon. It’s more than a spa. It’s a holistic experience. It’s your chance to take a break from all the stress and hassle of everyday living. It’s a place where you can relax, unwind and be yourself.

We offer a wide range of non-toxic, paraben-free, natural treatments designed to help you look and feel good and help you de-stress. We want to take care of you and help you take better care of yourself. We hope you'll leave Exhale feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world.

We offer all the treatments you need to feel good inside and out. All our treatments contain totally natural ingredients from respected brands like Voya, Fuschia and Tomitago.

We’re here to meet your needs. Just book an

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

For three days, the Waterford Harvest Festival brought a smorgasbord of wonderful food, tantalising aromas, vibrant colour and great live music to the streets of Waterford city.

Some blustery winds and intermittent showers didn’t deter the huge crowds who came to the Viking Triangle, Ballybricken and the city centre to taste the best of local produce and meet the stallholders, food producers, growers, craftspeople, chefs, community gardeners and entertainers who are integral to the Waterford Harvest Festival.

Festival Director, Tommie Ryan was delighted with the festival and the reaction to the programme.

“As this year’s festival is in its ninth year we had a great base to work from. The food producers’ stalls, demonstrations and workshops are always popular and this year was no exception. The addition of new dining events to the Festival was positively received, with the Olive Tree’s Opening Banquet,

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Wednesday, 13th September 2017

The special magic of Christmas in Ireland will come alive once more at the end of November at Waterford’s Winterval Festival with 30 different fun events and activities for people of all ages to enjoy at Ireland’s biggest, brightest and best Christmas event. Now in its sixth year, Winterval begins on Friday, 17th November and will once more be the place magical memories are made as it builds on last year’s success when over 650,000 people from all over Ireland and beyond took part.

With a sparkling programme including a multitude of free events, this year Winterval will shine brighter than ever with fun for families, couples and groups of friends looking for the happiest of Christmas experiences.

There’s so much to see and do for everyone at Winterval.

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Letters to the Editor


    Dr. StrangeloveFor anyone who is trying to follow what is happening on the Korean peninsula, what with its promises of delivering 'gift packages' to America, you cannot help but feel that there is a bizarre air of unreality about the whole thing. Trying to unravel the manner in which Donald Trump tries to express himself is one thing but that is as nothing when it comes to the North Korean leadership. What is very clear is that North Korea is adamant that it be allowed to develop its nuclear weapons cap …

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