Thursday, 20th September 2018
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Back for it's second season on Channel 4 it looks like one of the country's favourite shows has firmly ensconsed itself in its new home. One of the best things about the show is the way in which it has such a wide number of people from all walks of life on the programme. It is easy enough to identify with the bakers and it was a shame to see that its one Irish contestant was the first to go.

With so many people on the show you know that the programme will be on for a long time and it's great to get into a show for the long haul. It might have changed somewhat since it moved from the BBC but the heart of the programme is still there and the longer it goes on the more you forget that the show has moved house.


The whole world of comics, at least the ones that make it onto the screen, seems to be full of characters that take themselves way, way too seriously so it is good that there is a corrective like Deadpool to lighten the load. In this his second outing Deadpool seems to be leading his normal life, killing the bad guys and then going home to snuggle up with his girlfriend. That all changes when the bad guys come calling at home and his girlfriend gets killed in the crossfire. Deadpool has many abilities but his abiding one is that he can't be killed so no matter how much he wants to die and how much he tries to kill himself to be rid of the pain he literally can't do it. In the end he is taken in by the X Men who try to help him but it is by helping someone else, a young boy, that Deadpool finally finds a way to keep on living. He and the young boy end up in a secure facility for mutants who are out of control but it doesn't help much when a killer from the future comes looking for the young boy.

It is now up to Deadpool to protect the boy. This he does on numerous occasions but it only when he gets to talk to the man from the future does he find out what he is there to kill the young boy.

It turns out that the young boy when he makes his first kill, which he is actively planning, goes on to be a relentless killer who causes mayhem and destruction wherever he goes. Deadpool strikes a deal with the man that he can stop him from making that first kill and thus change the future. This movie goes on for a long time, and the plot is a bit ropey at times but it is a lot a lot of fun. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool gives a great performance and it's good to see Josh Brolin as the man from the future in the movie as well. There are also some great cameo performances as well which are a lot of fun. A really good, engaging film.


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