Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Spike Lee is back in the news as a director with his new film about a black cop who infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan. This movie however is his remake of a South Korean film about a man who is kidnapped off the streets of New York and kept in isolation for 20 years.

To say that the man, played by Josh Brolin, is not a sympathetic character is putting it mildly. However while he is in isolation he finds out that his ex wife has been murdered and his child has been put up for adoption. His only access to the outside world is his t.v. and even that is controlled and he finds out about what happened to his family though a real life murder show. This spurs him to change his ways and he begins to stop drinking and work out.

When he gets some information through the murder show that his daughter has forgiven him and would like to meet him some day he decides to break out of the room he has been in for the last twenty years. He almost manages to do this but at the last minute he is overpowered. He doesn't realise it but his twenty years have come to an end and he is released.

In the first few minutes of his release he follows a woman that he thinks is connected to his kidnapping and meets another young woman who is working at a mobile health clinic who gives him her card and says that if ever he is any need of help call her. He loses sight of the other woman but makes his way to the bar of his one and only friend who says that he will help him. And now the real story begins of who kidnapped and why.

This is a remake of a South Korean film and it is not that surprising that there is a lot of violence in the movie. Most of it is cartoonish but it certainly is graphic. Eventually the man that ordered his kidnapping meets up with him and says that if he can find out who he is and why he did what he did then he will release his daughter, who he has, and kill himself. Brolin is still at a loss as to who the man is but he has one clue to go on and that is he went to boarding school with the man.

With the young woman he met at the clinic he goes to the school and breaks in to find out who the man is. This he does and the story unravels of why he considers Brolin his enemy.

What is so good about this movie is that there are constantly new elements being added to the plot so your mind isn't constantly looking for the end game but when it comes it is really good. You might see some of it coming but it still doesn't make you ready for the real horror that Brolin has to undergo. A really interesting remake of a movie that already has cult status.

Toe tappin' tunes draw 1000s

The calibre of local and international bluegrass acts along with the backdrop for the 24th Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival were the perfect combination to attract the huge crowds to the picturesque Co. Waterford fishing village over the weekend.

Now in its twenty fourth year, the festival attracts some of the biggest names on the US bluegrass scene and this year the festival also featured a wide range of young and vibrant UK and Irish bluegrass, newgrass, roots, rockabilly and country talent.

The Dunmore East Bluegrass festival has been running every year since 1995. Festival Chairman, Mick Daly, was delighted with the reaction to the festival and the acts performing this year. "It was a great festival and that's down to a number of factors. After 24 years the festival is still attracting big-name international bluegrass acts who love performing in Dunmore. Each and every year, the bands remark how blown away they are by the crowd reaction and the atmosphere around the village."

"The support from local businesses and the community has always been great and this year we were grateful to receive funding from Waterford City and County Council. The festival is run on a voluntary basis and without this support we wouldn't be in a position to bring some of greatest bluegrass acts to Ireland."


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