Thursday, 20th September 2018
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The Limehouse Golem

The Limehouse Golem was the nickname that the newspapers gave to a serial killer in the Eastend of London during the Victorian era.

The Golem was named after the infamous killer of Jewish legend because one of the victims of this killer was a Jewish scholar who had part of his body left on the pages of a book that was all about the mythical Golem.

The man entrusted with trying to apprehend the killer knows from the start that he is being set up for a fall by his superiors as he is moved from robbery to homicide to specifically track the killer.

If he fails in his task it will be easier to sack him rather than getting rid of one of the star detectives from homicide. This part is played by Bill Nighy. He soon realises that the killer is working from an old book written by a deceased novelist who wrote about the infamous Ratcilffe Highway Killings 30 years previously.

He goes to the National Library to track down a copy of the book and finds to his horror that the killer has actually left a diary in the margins of the book about his deeds.

He checks with the librarian to see who had checked out that book and finds that there were four men who did in the recent past. Now his search has narrowed he begins to look into the men's backgrounds.

The first name he comes across is of a man named Cree. He knows immediately that the man is dead as there is a famous trial going on at the moment where his wife Lizzie, a famous music hall star, is being tried for his murder. He goes to meet with Lizzie and he begins to become interested in her story.

The movie is set between the recent past and the present and much of the film is concerned with Lizzie's story. How as a young girl she was born into extreme poverty but after the death of her mother turned her love of the music hall into an extremely successful career.

She married the man called Cree because she felt that he was protective of her, a gentleman and as a playwright could make her dreams of becoming a serious actress come true. None of this happened and now she is being accused of poisoning him.

All through this the other stories of the men suspected of being the Limehouse Golem are told as well but it is mainly Lizzie's storythat takes center stage.

The movie works really well as a period piece and the question as to who is the real Golem is never revealed until the last few minutes of the film. A really interesting movie that is well acted and well produced.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds plays a man who has one of the best bodyguard companies in the world. He is inordinately proud of his reputation and is happy in his work. This all comes crashing down when his latest job ends in disaster when his client is killed by a hitman just as Reynolds is saying goodbye to him.

Now he is working for any job that he can get. Then out of the blue he gets a phone call from an old flame who works for Interpol. She is guarding a man, Samuel L Jackson, who is going to be the star witness at the trial of the ex President of Belarus who is up for war crimes at the Hague.

Getting him to the Hague has been a disaster and he is holed up in a safe house in Coventry. She asks Reynolds for help not knowing that he and Jackson have history, bad history.

However he agrees to help and agrees to get Jackson to the Hague to testify. The former president naturally enough has loads of baddies out to get Jackson and anyone else who gets in the way. The irony is is that the two men might end up killing each other before they even get to the Hague.

Jackson is a hitman who worked on many jobs that Reynolds was on the other side of and in one case Jackson even shot him in the arm. The two men are diametrically opposed in nearly everything they do.

There are some great action set scenes in the movie and there is a strong comedic edge to the movie. If there is one problem is that it is too long. Just when you think the film might end it keeps on going and going. You just wish there was someone there to shout 'cut'.

Of course the acting is great and the relationship between Reynolds and Jackson is sparky and interesting. Salma Hayek and Gary Oldman also star and Hayek is particularly good as Jackson's imprisoned wife.


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