Saturday, 22nd September 2018
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Author Sandrone Dazieri : Published by Hodder & Staughton : Price 11.99 Euro

If you are looking for a thriller that moves at a breakneck speed and is full of twists and turns right up the very last page then you couldn't do any better than reading one of Italian writer Sandrone Dazieri's books. This one starts with the arrival of a train into

Rome Central Station where all of the passengers in the top class compartment are dead. It is found out that they were killed by a cyanide gas and very soon an ISIS video is put online claiming responsibility. That might be the case but the lead detective, Colomba is not so sure so she calls on the one person that she knows will be able to help her with this case.

That person is Dante who is making a living as a conspiracy theorist. The two of them had worked previously trying to track down the man that had kidnapped.

Dante as a child.

To say that Dante is unconventional is to put it mildly. He is a box of tics and personality traits that can only be mastered by a huge dose of various medicines which he can't go anywhere without.

He says that he will help Colomba on this new case and within a short amount of time he has already discounted the ISIS theory and has the evidence to back it up. He posits a different theory instead which links the train attack to similar mass killings around Europe over the last decade, the most prominent of which happened in Berlin.

They were he believes carried out by a woman who calls herself Giltine and the killings are just a cover for wanting to kill usually just one person out of the dozens that get murdered. To get further information for this new theory Dante says that they must go to Berlin where he has a contact that can help them. They duly go there but they don't realize that Giltine has already moved on to her ultimate target who is about to arrive in Venice. Colomba is taking a big risk by following Dante but she knows that no matter how crazy he might seem to other people that he is usually right in what he thinks.

When they arrive in Berlin they eventually meet with a writer that Dante knows. But little do the two of them know that this writer is working in collaboration with Giltine and is extremely dangerous.

Only when he attacks them one night after drugging them both do they realize how dangerous he is but they manage to overcome him and find out some more information on Giltine. They decide to head back to Italy, first to Rome and then at top speed to Venice where they have figured out Giltine is going to strike next. They do manage to stop her in the very final pages of the book but it isn't the end of the story and the way that it ends leaves everything open for the next chapter in the story of Colomba and Dante.

A terrific read.


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