Sunday, 19th August 2018
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When you read a book that is part of a series usually they can also be read as a standalone. Not so this novel. The story of Henning Juul and his quest for justice for his young son Jonas who was killed in a fire stretches back to 2006 and has unfolded over several books.

Some of them have been standalones but this, the finale to the series certainly isn't and you do sort of need to know more than a bit of the back story to understand what is going on. For a start the book begins at the end with Henning being shoved over the side of a boat into a lake with a breeze block tied around his ankles.

It looks as if he is going to his certain doom but you only find this out, plus a lot of additional information towards the end of the novel. Henning Juul was also injured in the fire that took his son's life and he is on a one man mission to find out exactly who was responsible for the death of his son.

He works as an investigative reporter for an online news site and it was part of his work that led to the death of his son. The worst part about it all is that his son wasn't even supposed to be at his apartment. It was his day to mind him but Henning's ex called late and asked if Jonas could stay over at his because she had to work late. What makes matters worse for her is that her new partner, who also worked as an investigative reporter at the same job as Henning, and by whom she is now pregnant by is murdered by the same people who killed Jonas because he was getting too close to finding out who set the fire at the apartment. All of this revolves around a group of criminals who are working the property market in a series of scams to make huge amounts of money. They have even gone international and are working in a resort in Brazil where they manage to launder the money that is made illegally in Sweden. What is even worse for Henning is that he finds out that his sister was part of the scheme to kill him and ended up taking Jonas' life.

Some years ago she was working at the city council in Stockholm when an elderly woman approached her about pressure she receiving to move out of her rent controlled flat.

The woman ended up dead, run over in the street and Trine, Henning's sister, was blackmailed into eventually giving the criminal's her brother's keys to his apartment. it was then that they set the fire. So not only does Henning have to fight the criminals but he also has to deal with a lot on the personal front between his ex and his sister.

This can be at times a complicated plot and it would be better going into it with some knowledge of what happened previously but once you get a hand on things it's a compulsive read.


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