Tuesday, 24th April 2018
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Metallitia from Drogheda are Ireland and Europe’s premier live tribute band to the biggest act in hard rock history, the one and only Metallica.

The self-proclaimed local "hard-rock heroes" are 'Flash' on vocals and guitar, Richie McScrumpy on lead guitars, Paddy Levins on bass guitar and Jimmy Brennan on drums. Metallica have not played an Irish show themselves since 2009, so in their absence Metallitia are more than happy to fill the void and bring those monster metal classic tracks to their hordes of fans around the country. Metallitia have always had a strong following in Waterford going back to their debut at Electric Avenue in 2007 which featured on an RTE programme about top tribute acts around Europe.

The lads have been in brilliant form at recent sold out gigs and are really looking forward to their return to Shortts after a blistering gig there early last year.

That all important date is Friday, 13th April, with doors at 8pm and the band live on stage at 8.30pm for 2 hours of Metallica fan favourites old and new. Admission is €10 (pay at the door). "Exit light, Enter night, Take my hand, We're off to never-never land !


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