Saturday, 26th May 2018
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Hack The Bone are creating quite a stir on the local music scene with their brilliant and unique covers set and they play an intimate late night set at Shortts on Thursday. For the rest of the weekend we crank it up with 3 high energy rock covers acts from Friday to Sunday (see details below). Evan Marshal hosts Boogie Box on Friday night on the terrace with a set of dance music classics while the Good Times Crew do similar on Saturday night.


High Definition look sharp and play even sharper. The 5 piece are picking up party and venue bookings all over the country for their energetic set of rock and pop covers. Evan Marshal continues his new Friday night residency 'Boogie-Box’ out on the Terrace with a great mix of dance music classics.


Shortt’s favourites No Hot Ashes return to their favourite Saturday night venue with a 2 hour set of alternative rock and pop covers.

So if you are in the mood for a sing along or hitting the dance floor, they are the band for you. Good Times’ Jay Ru will be playing a Saturday night mix of floor fillers on the Terrace.


It’s always a 'Session’ at Shortts on a Sunday night and what better way to end the weekend than with a set of classic rock covers played by the always awesome Rookie Thomson. Featuring some of Waterford’s best musicians, these lads will rock you all the way into Monday.

Dance Thru’ The Decades

DJ/Producer Moorhouse plans a DJ Night for all to enjoy.

Friday 9th February

Doors open 7:30pm show starts 8pm - 11pm


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