Saturday, 26th May 2018
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On 27 January 2018, Waterford's splendid Christ Church Cathedral will host the Irish community choir premiere of Jubilate Deo by Dan Forrest, a choral work that is taking America by storm just like Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man continues to mesmerise audiences in Britain, Ireland and all across Europe!

The soaring, uplifting and soul-stirring composition of Jubilate Deo celebrates the unifying power and beauty of music by presenting its universal message of joy and hope in several world languages including Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.

The very first Irish community choir to take on this exciting work is Waterford City's multi award-winning chamber choir Madrigallery. Renowned for delivering high-end performances in collaboration with professional musicians and soloists from Ireland and beyond, Madrigallery is well-known across Ireland's southeast for acclaimed productions of Mozart's Requiem and Jenkins' The Armed Man among many others.

The choir was established in 1991 and has had Kevin O'Carroll as its principal conductor since 1995. Madrigallery has a wide-ranging repertoire from earliest plainchant to works by modern composers, including pieces specifically written for this choir and, of course, Madrigals, which will also be part of this greatly anticipated concert!

Madrigallery's long-standing commitment to excellence has led to reviewers and audiences showering the choir with superlatives such as "Magnificent”, "Outstanding”, "Hypnotic”, "Spellbinding”, and to being crowned "Choir of the Year" in the 2016 and 2017 Waterford News & Star Green Room Awards!

If you want to experience these qualities first hand, take out your diary, go to Saturday, January 27th in 2018 and write: Madrigallery, Christ Church Cathedral Waterford, Jubilate Deo @ 8pm. (Soloists: Roisin O'Grady and Gina Oberoi. Special appearance by the Mercy Primary School Choir directed by Sinead O'Carroll) All tickets €15, children up to fifteen free. Tickets available on the night, or ring 087-9883720.


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