Tuesday, 24th April 2018
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In this festive edition of the popular comedy it was the unveiling of the new Rory character that was to be the highlight of the programme. Except that is if you happened to be from Waterford and recognised one of the other characters on the show. Well known entertainer and singer Richie Hayes was to play the part of Kathy's internet date and usually while such parts are just the merest cameos this time Richie got a decent part and even ended the show with a song. His comedic timing and acting ability was one of the best parts of the show which has become really hit and miss as it develops over the years. There were of course lots of jokes but the majority of them just fell flat and you got the impression at times that people were just going through the motions. The basic problem is that the script wasn't up to much and didn't give many people much to do. And as to whether the new Rory will be as good as the old Rory who knows but let's hope that it doesn't end up as a case of who cares?

The one person who did come out of it looking a winner though was Richie Hayes and that can only be a good thing.


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