Monday, 22nd January 2018
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Not the wrestler turned actor but the movie starring

Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery that might be an oldie but because it hasn't been flogged to death on television made a more than good watch over the holiday period. The story revolves around a rogue American general who steals some chemical weapons and holds the city of San Francisco to ransom all from The Rock, otherwise known as Alcatraz.

He wants recognition and money for the families of men killed under his command thinking that the state has conveniently wiped them from its memory. Nicholas Cage plays a chemical weapons expert and Sean Connery the only man who has escaped from Alcatraz and the two of them are teamed up to go in and make the weapons safe. Of course it isn't as easy as all that and there are lots of action sequences throughout the film which make it really exciting and interesting to watch.

Naturally enough they do succeed in the end but only after coming through near death experiences. This is a great movie to watch with some great action sequences as well as generally good acting. It goes to show that if something isn't flogged to death on television that even if it is a bit old it doesn't mean that it will be boring to watch, quite the reverse in fact.


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