Saturday, 16th December 2017
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Nearly one third of respondents said there are still barriers to attending or taking part in arts activities.

Research conducted by Kantar Media on behalf of the Arts Council recently published shows significant numbers of Irish people attending arts events nationwide. 60% of people had attended an arts event in the preceding 12 months. Nearly a third said there were still significant barriers to them attending or taking part in arts activities such as, cost, family commitments and the distance to travel to attend events.

Attendance is evenly distributed across the country demonstrating strong engagement with the arts throughout the regions. Those who attended events in their local community are more likely to have attended a greater variety of arts events than the average arts attender indicating the importance of local arts development and ensuring access to the arts at a local level.

The top five arts venues in terms of attendance figures are: the cinema : this remains the most popular art-form in Ireland with 75% of adults having attended the cinema in the last 12 months.

the pub/hotel local church theatre library

The more arts activities available in a local community, the more likely people are to attend as travel is identified as one of the main barriers to attendance.

Particular communities for whom access to the arts is still difficult include those with disabilities, those on lower incomes, older people and ethnic minorities. 60% of people with disabilities surveyed indicated difficulty in accessing the arts with 40% of those specifying health issues followed by 30% saying it came down to cost. Nearly 20% of people said it came down to a lack of transport and having nobody to go with. Out of the communities listed, those of ethnic minority origin indicated the least difficulty.

The Arts Council has also increased its investment in a range of arts participation programmes and organisations in 2017 based on evidence from this research over the last number of years.

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