Tuesday, 25th July 2017
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Waterford Crystal Young Artist Series

Project Music Management is proud to partner with Waterford Crystal in building a unique and innovative concept for the City of Waterford. Together we are delighted to announce a Young Artist Series, the concerts of which will take place in the splendour of the House of Waterford Crystal. This unique venue, surrounded by some of the most beautiful crystal in the world, is fitting to house, and be the centre of, a Young Artists Series, the first of which will take place on Thursday June 15th. The first performer will be Tony Yun from Canada.

Tony is an award winning 16 year old pianist, currently studying at the illustrious Julliard School of Music, under Professor Matti Raekallio.

At the age of 12 he won China’s most prestigious under 18 professional piano competition, and as a part of that appeared numerous times on the national TV station CCTV. He has won, and been placed, in numerous competitions around the world, and has toured China performing with the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra, Chopin and Mozart Piano Concerto’s. This August he will tour again with this orchestra, China’s most respected and well established music group. Tony has been invited to perform at the illustrious Amalfi Coast Music and Arts Festival in Italy, performed for the Silk Road New Year’s Concert, was invited by Professor Marian Rybicki to perform at the renowned Salle Cortot Concert Hall in Paris, and has graced the stage of some of the worlds finest concert halls, including the Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing. We are delighted to bring Project Music Management together with Waterford Crystal to make this event possible. This event would not take place without the support of our friends, people and organisations that share the same dream, they are Thin Gin, La Boheme Restaurant, Matrix Recruitment, Suir

Engineering and Bolands BMW, all of whom want to create more performance opportunities in the City for young artists, both national and international. Tickets are limited for this event, and are priced at 25 EURO. When you arrive at 7.15 pm you will be treated to a welcome drink, afterwards proceed to the House of Waterford Crystal for the concert, beginning at 8.00 pm. If you would like to avail of a pre-concert dinner, La Boheme are offering one especially for the evening, you can call them direct to book.

If you would like to reserve a ticket please call 317 000, or for more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is the first of what we hope will be many such events over the coming months and years, as the above friends, along with Waterford Crystal and Project Music Management, collaborate to enhance the cultural activities in the City.


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